Plott, creators of the “LetsPlott” Platform – the only tool that allows users to take real design concepts into the AR realm, and back to reality with precise measurements and calculations – has announced the availability of Carta, the world’s first digital measuring wheel to virtually map any outdoor space in real time. Carta makes commercial-level projects easier, such as construction, road building, golf course management, accident recreation and more, by creating custom digital mapping with real-time visual references and accurate dimensional data. Once the design and planning are complete, Carta will help bring it to life with guidance to real world points, ensuring accurate measurements for virtually any large-scale outdoor project.
While creating a project in AR via the LetsPlott app, users will have an interactive canvas that can be read, manipulated and shared with collaborators easily and instantly. The digital measuring wheel captures the path a user walks, including a full perimeter and sections within a specific area, then imports the data into the LetsPlott app where instant calculations are made. Utilizing the LetsPlott platform on any mobile device, Carta users can create mapped paths in real-time and instantly calculate distance, perimeter and area.
Users can take their own photos of a space, or use overhead satellite images for larger projects, to accompany the data they have captured. Collaborators need not worry as Plott has made sharing projects simple, including exporting to programs like CAD and Revit, so everyone has the same accurate data, notes, and vision from concept to the real world. From there, text or video notes can be added for reference to ensure no detail is forgotten. The LetsPlott app can also calculate accurate material estimation, such as the amount of sod for a golf course, cement for a roadway, and more.
“Before we created Carta, measuring large areas would be costly and ineffective due to the extended period of time needed, hiring of multiple professionals, and still, there is an inherent risk of incorrect measurements that ultimately left you with a bunch of calculations and no visible context,” says David Xing, Founder of Plott. “After recognizing a need for innovation in the industry, we worked with professionals to perfect a device that makes measuring and calculating spaces easier, interactive and more intuitive, ultimately saving users time, eliminating complex math and ensuring wasted materials on a job are a thing of the past. All you need is Carta and a mobile device, and you are empowered with a digital command center to map out any project instantly.”
Pricing and Availability
Carta (MSRP: $199) is available online at Home Depot, True Value, and Do It Best.
The LetsPlott app and Platform is available now to download on iOS and Android for free on the App Store and Google Play.
About Plott
At its core, Plott completely eliminates the strenuous labor of measuring objects or spaces by hand so users can easily take on projects with greater ease and efficiency. Plott’s award-winning Extended Reality (XR) Platform and accompanying hardware, now including Carta, brings real world elements and dimensions into the LetsPlott app, a design center for conceptualizing and measuring the project in AR. From idea, to virtual design, then back to reality, Plott provides the ideal tools for anyone from the residential landscaper to commercial construction workers.
For more information on Plott’s award-winning technology and products, visit Stay updated by following Plott on: Facebook @LetsPlott, Instagram @LetsPlott, and Twitter @LetsPlott.

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