The Ultimate Guide for buying a mattress in 2022?

Buying a new mattress is no more than going to the local mattress shop and purchasing one that suits your bed. 

Thanks to awareness about sleeping, the mattress industry is now focusing on mattresses for individual comfort.  

Needless to say, the abundance of mattresses available in the market could overwhelm the users.  

That is why we brought you this guide on how to purchase a new mattress focusing solely on arbitrary measures of firmness level and sleep positions of the users.  

To be more specific, this guide will give you tips to decide the best mattresses for heavy people 

Scroll down to find some tips to help you find the best mattress for you. As well as you will discover the best and worst times of the year to purchase mattresses.  

This is to help consumers looking to get the best deals on their favorite mattresses.  

How to find the best mattress for heavy people?  

Large people need more than a big bed. A mattress that lets you sleep comfortably is also essential. That said, here's how to determine the best mattress for heavy individuals:  

Choose your mattress type. 

There are four main types of mattresses available: innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex foam mattresses, and hybrid mattresses.  

Memory Foam Mattress:  

Ideal for people weighing more than 300 pounds, memory foam mattress offers a high degree of support, and their viscoelastic properties are reasonable for pressure relief. 

Memory foam has the insertion of copper or gel for temperature regulation, allowing your body to cool throughout the night.  
In terms of density, memory foam mattresses are best for heavy people.  

As a thumb rule, weighty people should not consider a mattress that has a density of fewer than five pounds in the comfort layers.  

Hybrid Mattress: 

Offering adequate airflow, proper edge support, better deep compression support, and a sufficient degree of bounce — Hybrid Mattress comes with a combination of foam layers. 

Latex Mattress:  

Exemplary for heavy people who like to sleep hot, Latex mattress doesn’t absorb any heat. 

It offers a more rounded contour and better sinkage for weightier people.  

Innerspring Mattress:  

An innerspring mattress is the cheapest option in mattresses.  

It is suitable for heavy sleepers who like to sleep on their back or stomach.  

Decide on your ideal firmness level.  

Available on a scale of 1 to 10, mattresses come with different firmness levels.  

As a heavy sleeper, it is ideal for you to consider a mattress with medium-firm level (5-7 on the scale) to extra-firm level (8+ on the scale).  

And at all costs to avoid the soft and medium level of firmness.  

It is because the heavy sleepers will appreciate the extra support and comfort offered by the medium-firm and extra-firm mattresses.  

Select the right mattress size 

Sounds obvious? Well, it isn’t that simple.  

There are numerous things to consider.  

For instance, do you sleep alone? With your partner? Or perhaps a pet.  

There are various sizes available in the market like Twin and twin XL, Full mattresses, Queen-size mattresses, King-size mattresses.  

Ensure to check them all before deciding the right one for your needs.  

Temperature Regulation 

Retain that the deeper you sink into the mattress, the more it is going to keep your body heat.  

And if you are waking up in the night because of sweating, then your mattress may not be designed for cooling down the body. 

 So, as a heavy sleeper, you should consider a mattress with higher firmness ratings.  

Get your sleep trial. 

Most mattress manufacturers offer a sleep trial for a certain number of nights to decide whether the purchased mattress is suitable for you or not.  

So, discover the companies offering a sleep trial and consider mattresses from them.  

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress? 

While size, style, material, and firmness are critical factors in deciding the best mattress for you.  

Another influential agent is the price of the mattress.  

Most people purchase a mattress that does not suit their style and preference because of the price.  

But did you know that timing your purchase can help you save big?  

Yes, without the offer of any sales from the retailers, there are still ways to get a deal on your favorite mattress.  

Here are some of the best times of the year to purchase a mattress:  


Many manufacturers start the new production in early June. So, retailers have to clear out their inventory in May itself for the new load.  

Memorial Day weekend, particularly, can land you some good deals.  

So, expect huge deals even on the best brands in May.  

Early Spring 

Early springs also bring on some best deals because of the same reason as in May.  

Of course, the markdowns are not as steep as in May, but you can expect significant discounts on some mattress brands or some types.  

Holiday Weekends 

Besides Memorial Day, you can expect huge savings on Labor Day and Presidents' Day weekend.  

The same is true for the weekend closest to the Fourth of July.  

Cyber Five 

A five-day period from Thanksgiving Day will land you deals for many products.  

After all, it is one of the biggest shopping days.  

So, expect a great deal, even on mattresses.  

The Worst Times to Buy a Mattress 

Now that you know the best time to purchase mattresses for heavyweight people, it is also crucial to retain the worst times of the year to buy a mattress.  

Stores come with new products during summer, early autumn, and early January.  

So, avoid purchasing a new mattress in case you are looking to get a good deal on the mattress of your choice.  


To go against the rule of summing up where you are briefed about the above article.  

Here’s when you should purchase a new mattress. 

If your mattress is older than seven years, consider substituting it with a new one.  

You should also consider a new mattress if you wake up with aches, back pains, stiffness, or numbness.  

The same case of replacing the mattress stands for getting a good night’s sleep.  

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