The True Value of Firewall Controls

Network environments have become so complex that a single misstep on a critical firewall can take the entire network offline and expose your business to cyber-attacks. Improperly managed firewalls create some of the greatest business risks in any organization. Often, the risks are things you don’t find out about until it’s too late.
One unique element about firewall-related risks is that they do not require sophisticated hacking skills to be exposed. Simple misconfiguration errors and oversights in the process of managing your firewalls can cause problems like opening the network perimeter to security exploits and creating business continuity issues. Add network complexity into the mix, combined with all the other duties you and your team are responsible for, it becomes clear that firewall management is a business challenge that needs to be addressed properly.

The Solution to Mitigate Against These Threats

Next Generation Firewalls provide additional value as supplementary security features such as IPS, Antivirus, VPN are part of the package. Which is why it is crucial to know what to do with these features, to safeguard data/people/processes, and to save and optimize valuable time and resources.
Know which Next Gen Firewall Controls elevate security posture and are worth the investment.
Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) are the latest in digital protection, helping to merge the best parts of traditional and more modern technology. NGFWs are an essential part of a broader cyber security strategy, they serve as a first line of defense to external threats, malware, and hackers trying to gain access to your data and systems.
In addition to the standard perimeter/external firewall, many companies are starting to install internal firewalls to provide an additional layer of protection, but what is worth the investment?
For more information, download this white paper on ‘Next Gen Firewall Controls. What’s Really Worth the Investment?’ to know more about the challenges and benefits of Intrusion and Prevention and Detection Systems (IPS/IDS), Geo Location Tagging, URL Content Filtering, Deep Packet Inspection, Sandboxing, and Identity Awareness.
Or, to watch experts explore the Firewall Process, view ‘Best Practice for Firewall Controls & Management
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Author: Eleanor Barlow, Content Manager, SecurityHQ

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