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The Technologies Changing the Construction Industry

The Technologies Changing the Construction Industry

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Technology is shaping almost every industry, and construction is no exception. Over the past ten years, construction firms have embraced different tools, materials, and systems to improve accuracy, quality, safety, and efficiency.

Introducing new technologies can, therefore, save a firm money, improve their standards, boost productivity, and help them to remain legally compliant. Learn about the technologies that are changing the construction industry for the better.

Construction Management Software
Construction management software is becoming increasingly popular with construction firms of all sizes. The innovative tool can help a foreman to identify if every job is on track and that each member of a team is completing their set tasks. It can, therefore, boost productivity and efficiency, and prevent missed deadlines and disappointed clients.

Automation is changing the way many firms across the country complete jobs onsite and improve their standards. There are different ways to utilize automation in construction. For example, it is now possible to use various machines and robots to pave roads or lay bricks. Plus, they can work around the clock, as robots and machines will not experience fatigue when lifting heavy materials or applying mortar. By embracing various automation tools, firms can enjoy greater accuracy, efficiency, and profitability.

Automation, including a range of automation supplies for industry, can speed up the production of various tools and technologies for different industries. It is making it easier for construction firms to gain access to vital equipment from suppliers like Automation24, which is helping them to meet tight deadlines and improve standards.

For instance, many manufacturers often work with Sandfield Engineering Company ( to source unrivaled automation products for various industries. They can provide everything from linear rails to bowl feeders, which could also be used to support offsite construction. The industrial engineering company will ensure a manual process is as efficient as possible and they will then work on an automated tool to improve both accuracy and productivity.

Surveillance Systems
Onsite safety has become a primary concern for construction firms of all sizes. As companies have a responsibility to care for their employees onsite, they can introduce various surveillance systems to monitor potential hazards and identify and stop irresponsible behavior that could pose a threat to the health of others.

Theft Prevention Technologies
Trespassing and theft are big problems for many construction firms, as they can damage their profit margin or slow down a project. It is, however, possible to protect expensive equipment by introducing various theft prevention technologies, such as:

  • Geofencing
  • GPS tracking
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology
  • Drone surveillance

Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is becoming an increasingly popular technology in the construction industry. To help a client gain insight into how a project will look once completed, they can put on VR headgear and walk through the building design.

The innovative technology can also help to lower construction costs, as it can help a client to pinpoint potential problems at the start of a project, such as safety hazards. Plus, they can make tweaks and changes to refine the design at the beginning of the building process, which will ensure a client is 100% happy with the finished result.

It can also provide confidence in the talent and skills of the construction team, which can lead to stronger relationships and greater client satisfaction.

Wearable Technology
Construction firms can improve safety by incorporating wearable technology into their employees’ clothing and personal protective equipment, such as their hard hats, safety vests, and work boots. For example, they might feature environmental sensors, GPS and location trackers, or voltage detectors which could monitor their movements, posture, repetitive motion, and even slip and fall accidents. It can be an effective way to alert a safety supervisor if an employee enters a dangerous or restricted area or if they have sustained a serious injury.

Smart clothing is also improving safety onsite, as the e-textiles can monitor a member of staff’s skin temperature, respiration rate, and heart rate. A safety supervisor can then identify if an employee is injured, fatigued, or intoxicated, which can prevent them or others from experiencing an accident.

Onsite safety and client satisfaction are a construction firm’s main priorities. If you want to complete a project on schedule and ensure an employee doesn’t experience an injury onsite, you would be wise to incorporate various innovative technologies into your processes. For example, you could take the pressure off your team by utilizing automated tools and systems, improving workplace safety with smart clothing and onsite surveillance, or you could ensure every job is ticked off your list with construction management software.


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