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The Foundation For a Perfect Installation

The Foundation For a Perfect Installation

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The entrepreneurial spirit to say the least is alive and well at LSI Flooring.  After expanding nationally in 2021, this year LSI took over Daltonian Flooring’s carpet and rug padding business.
These carpet & rug cushion products were developed after years of scientific research & manufactured with proprietary chemistry & technology.  LSI padding products are made of extremely high-density polyurethane with applications in both contract and residential markets.
Urethanes, are among the most versatile plastics ever developed, used in such diversified applications as foam cushioning materials for carpet, furniture, bedding, insulation for appliances, the building and construction markets, body panels for cars and fabrics.
Most prime urethane carpet cushions were developed from foam technology that was originally used for furniture and bedding.  The feel of the cushion is soft and plush, but it is very easy for the product to bottom out.  When this happens, many of the benefits of cushion for carpeting or rugs are lost.  Many urethane cushions have a low density and low shock absorbing properties.  These urethane cushions shine in their ability to resist bottoming out.
The purpose of carpet cushion should be to absorb shock and extend the wear life of the carpet.  When a soft, low-density cushion is used under the carpet the carpet tends to flex to the thickness of the carpet cushion.  Because of this flexing, wear of the carpet shows up more readily in traffic patterns.  Dirt is ground more easily into the carpet leading to premature fiber wear.  In many cases this flexing action results in delamination of the backing.
Additionally, as the flexing action is occurring, the carpet is stretching. This then requires installers being called back to re-stretch the carpet.  Even woven carpet can stretch the longitudinal direction if improper cushioning has been used.
Basically, there are two key measurements for urethane cushion performance: density and CFD or Compression Force Deflection (a measure of foam firmness).  CFD measurement gives us a much more accurate picture of how carpet cushion will perform.  The higher the support factor number, the greater the resistance to bottoming out, the better the shock absorbing characteristics and the better the acoustical factor.
As researched by the Urethane Carpet Cushion Industry, the higher the density for a given load bearing requirement, the longer the cushion will retain its property.  LSI urethane cushions range from ten to twenty-five pounds per cubic foot which are five to ten times greater than conventional high grade prime urethane cushions.  The LSI Pad show support factors of seven to forty in comparison to two for high grade prime urethane cushion.  These numbers are approximately three to twenty times greater than high grade version urethane cushions.
LSI pad is produced with a woven polypropylene fabric on one side like the type of fabrics that carpet is tufted into.  This eliminates any hot iron seaming problems that are common with other cushions.
These products can be reversed to create two entirely different feels, one softer than the other.  For contact requirements it is recommended the polypropene face being up.  The cushion can be reversed to give a slightly softer feel for residential areas where a softer fell is desired like bedrooms and the living or family room and yet not bottom out.
Also offered are products that will work with releasable or permanent tack adhesives for a double stick installation.   The carpet can be picked up separately or the padding can, likewise, be picked up without leaving a mess on the floor.  This has been the biggest problem of glue down attached carpets in the industry and that is the cost and time to remove these glued down installations.  The carpet benefits from the cushion properties of high-density polyurethane and the end user would still have the stability of a glue down carpet.
LSI has substantially stepped up its marketing and promotion of these carpet & rug cushion products which are unlike other prime urethane cushions found in the market today.  Products are stocked in Calhoun, GA. And available in 6’ or 12’ widths.
LSI Flooring generates millions of dollars for the principal companies they represent such as Nourison, Hagaman a Nourison brand, Antrim a Stanton brand, JMISH, Decorative Concepts, Greyne & others.  LSI has its corporate office in Manhattan, NY with an additional sales office in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  LSI expanded nationally in 2021.
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