The Dangerous Business of Building Big In New York

Building big is a risky business, especially in New York City. Any significant building project is a time-consuming and expensive task. When you consider the timeline, budget, and regulatory permissions, as well as the logistics of construction in a busy city, you have to face many obstacles.
Because of the potential cost of real estate in NY city, even minor delays in a project schedule can cost the owner millions of dollars in missed revenue. Anything that can add time to the schedule is a risk.
Hence, to avoid the cost overrun and maintain schedules, many firms hire incompetent subcontractors and untrained workers. As a result, with the heavy equipment and machinery, there has been an increase in construction workplace injuries in NY City. Let’s discuss more in detail.

Why Are NYC Construction Site Accidents On The Rise?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction is the most dangerous occupation in New York City. Construction consistently ranks first in work-related deaths. Part of the problem may be linked to contractors taking measures to save money and the high burdens frequently involved with fulfilling construction schedules. Because most of the city's infrastructure is outdated, there is a push to rebuild these structures to meet safety standards. In reaction, contractors may recruit cheap workers, use low-cost products, or fabricate bogus training cards to complete the task as cheaply and fast as feasible.

'Fatal Four' of the Construction Industry

Mishaps on construction sites can occur in various ways, but four distinct types of accidents stand out. They are so distinctive in this industry that they have been dubbed the "fatal four" by official accounts. These four categories of accidents account for about 60% of all construction site accidents.
Slip and Fall
Amongst the various types of construction injury claims, construction falls account for the most. Unfortunately, falls are all too common among city construction workers, accounting for about 40% of all construction site accidents. It's not surprising, given that employees are frequently climbing up big buildings on scaffolding and ladders. To reduce these hazards, workers in the business must always be adequately trained and provided with the necessary safety equipment.

Being Hit By An Object

Falling debris on building sites represents a substantial risk to workers and passersby on the street, accounting for over 8% of construction-related accidents. Because of the large amount of force produced when falling from an elevated height, even small things falling from the top of a tall building can cause catastrophic harm or death.


Most construction sites require electricity to finish the work. Electrocution accounts for around 7% of all construction mishaps. Unsafe wiring, for example, can electrocute a worker, resulting in burns, amputation, or, in the worst-case scenario, death.

Trapped in-between

This type of accident makes up about 8% of all construction site-related accidents. These mishaps include workers getting caught between two large objects or pinned by large machinery. 

Official Measures To Reduce Construction-related Industries

Measures are put in place by the government to reduce accidents in the construction industry.
According to data from New York City, workplace fatalities have grown by 33% from 2015 to 2020. Workplace injuries have increased by an alarming 221% during the past five years.
Local Law 196, which Mayor Bill De Blasio enacted in 2017, placed a strong emphasis on creating, maintaining, and enforcing safe work conditions, including-

  • Increased penalties for unsafe building site behavior.
  • More site managers for construction
  • Extra 150 inspectors to verify that sites adhere to safety requirements.
  • Compulsory Extra Training- including a minimum of 40 hours for all employees.

Unfortunately, accidents on construction sites happen all too frequently. Although there has been significant improvement in lowering these figures, statistics show that much more effort still needs to be done.

Attorneys for construction site accidents

You deserve justice and may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one has sustained devastating injuries from construction accidents. It is advised to contact a skilled lawyer’s office for a free consultation and discuss your case specifics.

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