The Benefits of Using a Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Severe weather can be very uncomfortable at a residence or a commercial site, which is one of the major reasons you should invest in a good heating and cooling system. The best way to keep the temperature in any space at the required levels is to have a specialized outdoor air system. 
Continue reading to discover the benefits of installing a commercial HVAC such as a dedicated outside air system in your house or office. 

  1. Saves Energy 

A dedicated outdoor air system is an excellent investment since it saves energy by reducing the amount of energy consumed for air conditioning because the system does not need to be conditioned as much as other ventilation systems do. As a result, you will save a significant amount of money on your monthly utility expenses. This cooling technology is also dependable because it is simple to maintain and does not require as much maintenance as other cooling systems. 

  1. Improved Ventilation

Over ventilation, for example, is a problem with a central HVAC system that can impair the level of comfort in any location. A DOAS, on the other hand, is intended to deliver consistent and controlled ventilation in any house or office. Each zone inside a building receives fresh air thanks to its planned ventilation mechanism, which eliminates the problem of over-ventilation. To provide effective and efficient cooling in each zone, a separate external air system is sized according to the needs of each zone. 

  1. Controlling Humidity

Another advantage of a dedicated outdoor air system is that it can control humidity, which is difficult to do with regular HVAC systems. A dedicated outside air system can improve the quality of the air you breathe in arid places by increasing the amount of inside humidity. Dry air can be irritating, while high humidity levels can also be problematic at times. The dedicated outside air system assists in regulating humidity levels in the air to meet the needs of each zone. 

  1. Variety of Controls

A separate outdoor air system also allows you to choose from a variety of local units to meet your demands. The system also allows you to manage latent loads in each zone of the building, resulting in improved overall energy efficiency. When the specialized outdoor air system is distributing ventilation directly to different areas inside the building, the system can also be turned off. 

  1. Improved Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

A specialized outdoor air system's temperature management feature aids in improving IEQ while also lowering the number of contaminants in the air. Other typical HVAC systems, which draw in a lot of air contaminants that degrade air quality, may not be able to do so. These systems are unable to maintain the requisite humidity levels in various areas of the structure. 
When it's hot outside, you need a dependable system that can provide you with the necessary relief. You can gain more benefits from a dedicated outdoor air system than from any of its regular HVAC rivals. A specialized outdoor air system saves energy and allows you to regulate the humidity level in each part of the building. When you install this system in your house or office building, you may also enjoy clean, fresh air because it effectively eliminates contaminants. 

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