Tampa Tech Startup Significant Client Success Metrics

Because Intelligence, a tech startup that puts ecommerce website updates on “auto-pilot,” is pleased to announce that Leading Lady successfully increased their website conversion rate a staggering 14% after implementing Because Intelligence into its existing ecommerce stack powered by Shopify. Leading Lady, one of the most trusted brands in intimate apparel, was able to generate over $10K in additional revenue in just the first 14 days from implementation, increase the number of site visitors moving through to completed purchase, and, through strategic A/B testing, learn which product messaging resonates best with their site visitors.

“We have been honored and delighted to work with the team at Leading Lady, listening closely to their unique challenges as a merchant managing thousands of products in the fashion industry,” says Ashland Stansbury, founder and CEO of Because Intelligence. “Despite being one of the nation’s longest standing intimate apparel brands, the Leading Lady team was struggling with the same challenges most merchants do today … how to convert more site visitors and how to optimize website messaging in order to do so. ”

Leading Lady teamed up with Because to discover what role their product detail pages (PDPs) could play in their customers’ purchase journey if properly optimized. They were interested in understanding which messages would prompt more site visitors to add to cart and, most importantly, which messages would move the needle on conversions. The Because team helped Leading Lady strategize and conduct a series of A/B tests consisting of eight campaigns across their website covering messaging like urgency/inventory, shipping, reviews, promotions, and cross-sells.

During their A/B testing, 50% of site visitors received the control sample (Leading Lady’s website before adding any new campaign messaging) and the other 50% of site visitors received the new Because campaigns, which were simple but strategically targeted text additions to the website. Before Because, the Leading Lady team was seeing a PDP conversion rate between 1.58% and 1.63%. Overall, the Because platform drove a conversion rate increase on all eight of Leading Lady’s campaigns, which resulted in a 14% overall conversion rate lift and as high as a 48% conversion lift on specific campaigns like urgency messaging related to products with low inventory. With these changes, Leading Lady’s projected additional revenue through 2022 is $100,000

“Adding Because was the best way to get conversions where they count,” says Barbara Shears, the Director Ecommerce and Marketing at Leading Lady. “With such a large catalog, adding specific messaging at the product detail page or cart level has been game changing. And the best part is that we didn't have to engage a developer. With the Because technology integrated into our store, we have flexibility and can easily adapt to changing promotions.”

Because is currently laying the groundwork for their first partner integrations, which will allow ecommerce stores to integrate with the tools they are already using every day in their toolbox.


Leading Lady has taken pride in being a premier supplier of high-quality, good-value intimate apparel products for “every body.” The company’s garments deliver innovative intimate solutions for all figure types, especially full-figured, pregnant, and nursing women. Leading Lady continuously works to improve its products, while adhering to a set of core values and business practices. For more information, visit: https://www.leadinglady.com/.


Because Intelligence is a no-code automation platform that integrates into Shopify and helps growing ecommerce stores increase their conversion rate. Using both product and site visitor data, ecommerce managers can update content across their site and dictate when and where to show key messaging. Because has over 1,100 Shopify merchants using their platform and is continuing to find interesting ways to disrupt the presentation layer of ecommerce with the release of new features.

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