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After working tirelessly all year long, you have been waiting to plan a vacation with your family members, along with enjoying festivities and holidays. Many of us plan our vacations around peak summers or just before winters. However, your vacation may hold for you many surprises, but it could vanish with a poof when it comes to packing. Be it stuffing your belongings and stuff while moving to a new house or going for a vacation; you will end up stressed and worried.
Most people find packing or moving stressful as it involves picking off everything and placing them in a small box. If you plan to go to another state to spend your vacations, the next thing you will have on your plate is to worry about the stuff left behind. While moving to another country temporarily or for good, you cannot take your whole house with you. The weighted and large things will have to find its place somewhere safe. These items are not only expensive but once damaged, their repairing costs even more. Traveling from one place to another and spending time there is not free either; with the damaged belongings to fix at your return, you will end bankrupt.
Frequent travelers and families that plan their vacations regularly prefer storage units to keep their heavy items like furniture or other electronic stuff. These storage houses serve as a temporary place to store your belongings while looking for a new place to settle in. We have dug up some tips and tricks that can assist you in protecting your belongings.


When we plan to travel somewhere, our preference is to keep the stuff minimal and have everything we need. From packing our hygiene stuff to pack our clothes and shoes in a bag is enough. But when it comes to protecting the furniture and electrical items, you might need to think of a better option. If you happen to live in Louisiana, you can rent out climate controlled storage units in Shreveport to store these items. Climate controlled storage units are the best alternative to keep your things without worrying about weather conditions that may change anytime.


Do you happen to have a renter’s or homeowner’s policy? Time to read it and check if it offers you any coverage on your belongings while you are on the move. These policies provide insurance but on very few items. During a state to state move, you do not need to worry about the coverage. Federal laws ensure that a registered mover’s company must provide coverage to its clients. The policy can be of full value protection or released value protection. Before hiring any moving company, it is vital to have a detailed discussion about their insurance policy and decide accordingly. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Before you start to unwind your belongings from their respective places, create an inventory. List out all the things as one room at a time and sort out the stuff that you count as valuables and those suitable to go into boxes. Inventory will give you an insight on what valuable items you have and about the quantity. If your valuables include items with insurance, take detailed photographs as proof of ownership. The pictures will serve as evidence to claim the insurance later in case of any damage.


You cannot load your car with everything, but you sure can make some space for the valuables to be in your sight. Necessary items like medicines, receipts, and valuables, including your jewelry and cash, can fit in a small and easy to carry box. You can also lock them in a portable safe and bring it with you wherever you go. Your moving company can also arrange sealed containers that can take your stuff safely.


While you are loading breakable items in a box, ensure that you provide enough cushion to prevent the damage. If the delicate items are few in numbers, keeping the box empty will create space for movement, resulting in breakage. Stack on towels or mini blankets to use as a cushion. At the same time, you may pack your valuable decoration items or mirrors in the box. Wrap your pottery in newspapers, tissue, or other papers that you do not need.
Moving indeed is a tiresome process, and when you have to move from one state to another, the stress gets doubled. Moving in the same city is easy as you can supervise the mover’s activity and ensure that your belongings are safe. State to state moving is a bit tricky unless you decide to move before your mover’s company to receive the shipment. Discuss every detail with your mover services, ask for their policies and protocols to prevent the damage. If you want to move out safely, do not advertise that you are shifting nor post it on your social media accounts.


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