Recovery projections for key construction segments

Employing some of most in-demand occupations—such as construction and extraction roles—in 2020, the US construction industry lost about 1.1 million jobs from February to April, according to analysis from LaborIQ by ThinkWhy. The losses were impacted as the industry faced worker safety, funding, material shortages and a failure to meet contracted project timelines.

What he said… (kind of)

You are ready to go, right? You are ready to get back to a sense of normalcy—put all of this behind you and get moving. Before you jump back into the game, remember that every step you take, however small, is a step forward. It is not something you always want to hear, but it […]

Understanding health coverage instability

Construction companies that either don’t provide healthcare to their employees, or do and their employees don’t participate on the employer sponsored plan, can pay nearly double in workers’ compensation costs.