How Zoned Properties is helping pave the way for today’s cannabis retailers

In early 2020, when Zoned Properties was looking to expand its business model to see the cannabis industry’s growing needs, Bryan McLaren was busy working with the co-founders of a new national cannabis retail franchise concept, The Open Dør, which was a concept he believed would become one of the most important, value-driven catalysts for […]

How THC’s spa-like persona is helping transform Illinois’ cannabis market

The large LED screens lining the walls of The Herbal Care Center’s (THC) dispensary’s showroom in downtown Chicago signal the options customers have to choose from in the city’s cannabis shop. When Illinois became the 11th state to legalize and regulate adult-use cannabis last December, THC was one of the retail shops that opened its […]

How Skymint is poised to change the cannabis retail game

It started as a medical marijuana company. But when the Lansing, Michigan-based company, Skymint—one of the largest in the state—opened its first dispensary last year, little did anyone know the precedent it set. One of those pandemic defined “essential businesses,” Skymint’s goal is to give its employees and customers the “best in life” treatment. It starts […]

How Seed to Flower is helping grow the cannabis landscape

Lynn Young recently became a UC Master Gardener. Since then, along with conducting workshops, creating content and garden designs, she has used the experience as some much needed downtime during these pandemic-stricken days. It has also helped her with her newfound business interest in the growing cannabis market. With a background in commercial and residential […]