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Stendard Solutions Manage 2022 Construction Jobs

Stendard Solutions Manage 2022 Construction Jobs

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Whether they’re building a skyscraper or a simple bakery shop, every construction project is known for being busy with hardworking contractors bustling around. But despite how hectic the site might be, those construction workers aren’t the only ones hard at work. Behind the scenes, construction managers strive to ensure the project is successful and they do this by using construction project management software.
What Is Construction Project Management?
Reading textbook knowledge of what to do before starting a construction project might downplay what exactly happens during the project itself. Just like any project, managing one tends to be difficult, even with the proper tools at hand. However, it would be foolish to dive right into it without these tools as mentioned earlier.

Whereas handling mountains of papers and keeping track of hundreds of calls are the norm years back, now, construction project management has software that handles most of its bulk. After all, big projects like this have changes in plans right around the corner at all times. These changes leave lasting impacts on the project itself because project management is the very foundation of any structure built.
By digitizing the process, you can now perform these tasks by using project management software like and other software to help you manage your construction projects.
Stendard Solutions Features
Stendard was mentioned earlier as one of the examples of project management software. However, if you check its site, it’s much more familiar with medical devices. Because of this, you’re probably wondering how this software could help in a construction project.

  • Cloud-Based System

Like most industries, Stendard Solutions is run by a cloud-based system, specifically a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). This application is more well-known than the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). That’s because SaaS distributes the data you input online, ergo allowing everyone to view it regardless of their devices.
In the same vein, cloud-based systems are perfect for any project due to how vast the platform is. So, despite how many people are involved in your project, Stendard will remain running and store any data everyone inputs.

Although it’s open for viewing, all of the information stored in this software is secured by frequent updates and AES 256 encryption.

  • Built-in Discussion Boards

Unexpected changes tend to come up at the least opportune moment. Whether it’s due to a shortage in materials or one of your workers can’t come in that day, whatever the issue might be, everyone needs to be caught up to date. Fortunately, while Stendard Solutions works as an effective data storage, it could also be a good alternative for communication.
This way, you don’t need to shoot everyone a text or go through the trouble of holding a sudden conference call. Either of these options might likely go unnoticed—or worst, ignored. Therefore, using Stendard Solutions instead would be more assuring since everyone in your team is expected to see whatever you post.

  1. Calendar-based Management

Managing construction projects will leave your schedule chock-full with tasks day after day until the project’s done. Because of your busy days ahead, there’s no doubt that you might neglect one task with how the rest demands more of your attention.
Thankfully, Stendard Solutions helps you manage your tasks by featuring a graphical representation of a calendar. Here, you could use different colors to identify different tasks, while utilizing Stendard’s many filter options to assign which one’s urgent. So, say goodbye to those missed deadlines with this!

  • Mass Acknowledgement Process

As mentioned earlier, construction projects demand a lot of time and effort. While pedestrians can see these in action from contractors who are hard at work in building, project managers are also nose-deep in organizing everything to stay on top of their agenda. However, as crucial as everything is, you’d have to admit that some of these tasks are tedious, though.
Handling construction projects means dealing with paperwork after paperwork, be it for proposals or new contracts. Although many of them only require your signature, you still have to pour hours into signing until your hands form callouses. 
But Stendard Solution’s mass acknowledgment feature can help lighten your load a little more. Because of this feature, you can now sign multiple documents simultaneously. Thus, providing you with more time to take care of the rest of your tasks.
In the same vein, Stendard Solution has something similar for individuals whose documents you need approval from. But in this case, it’s called assignee preset. Here, you can simply use this function to set up and assign specific actions appropriate for their document. Considering how many branches are involved in a construction project, this feature helps connect you with them faster.
Be it in a professional setting or a personal one, projects are already well-known for being a handful. However, at a scale as big as a construction project, you’re bound to go a little lightheaded once you’ve considered every variable involved. Fortunately, there are software designed to assist you, and one of them is Stendard Solutions.


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