Solar Power Benefits in Commercial Buildings

Although residential areas have received the most media coverage for adopting solar energy systems, commercial business owners are increasingly employing solar energy in their buildings. Solar power was more expensive and less accepted by corporations and small businesses just twenty years ago, but with a surge in demand, more locations offer solar options for commercial developers. In the following sections, you can examine the benefits of using solar power in commercial operations.
Stored Energy
When you use the local utility company to supply power to a commercial building, you’re subjected to rate increases, blackouts and additional charges. Unlike traditional energy sources, solar power systems provide stored energy from an efficient solar battery. Solar batteries can be mounted on an inside wall or outside of the building, and the units take up far less space than previous models. If a massive storm knocks out the power in your area, your facility can use the stored energy from the battery to stay in operation. Once the sun rises, the battery will begin replenishing the power you used. Compared to the services from power companies, solar power systems provide energy independence and security to developers.
Reduced Installation Costs
Installing a solar power system can be a significant investment, but the upfront costs can be reduced by taking advantage of state and federal incentives. Incentives were less common at the beginning of the 21st century, and commercial builders were hesitant to invest in green energy. Depending on where you live, you can save up to 25% on a solar installation. Initially, your costs will be higher for using solar energy in commercial construction, but the panels are guaranteed for up to twenty years and estimated to last longer than twenty-five years. A robust solar power source requires little maintenance, and you’ll save a bundle on your monthly power bills.
Monthly Savings To Reinvest
Your building’s monthly costs can be considerably reduced when you use solar power. Whether you run a commercial manufacturing plant or an IT company, your energy costs are a large part of your budget. Heavy machinery and electronic devices that run twenty-four hours a day generate a great deal of heat and must be cooled by a massive ventilation and HVAC system. If installing a complete solar power system isn’t in your budget, you can consider using a solar HVAC system to keep your equipment and employees cool. Since heating and cooling are likely part of your primary expenses, you’ll immediately see a reduction in your bills when you use solar energy.
Blackout Protection
Power surges, electrical storms and natural disasters can cripple the power grid and slow your production to a halt. With a solar energy source, you can stay in business while your neighbors wait for utility workers to make repairs. Compared to the solar power systems of the late 20th century, today’s systems are more durable and efficient and more likely to hold up after a massive storm.
Reduced Environmental Impact
In addition to the economic and practical benefits, using solar energy is better for the environment. Although more utility companies are constructing solar plants to supplement their energy sources, most companies continue to rely on burning fossil fuels to generate power. Fossil fuels are non-renewable sources that contribute to air and water pollution. As a supporter of solar energy, your business can distinguish itself from competitors. Consumers appreciate companies that strive to protect the environment, and by promoting your support and use of solar power, you can improve the environment and attract new customers.
Resale Value
Like residential properties, commercial properties using solar power can increase the resale value. Buyers are more likely to consider a property that’s supported by a solar power system, and you can increase your asking price for a solar-powered property. If you rent space in your building, you can also charge higher rates to your tenants.
Installing a solar power system at your commercial property may seem like a large investment, but solar power makes financial and environmental sense when you consider the benefits.

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