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Snow Clearing Hacks: Driveway Snow, No Shovel

Snow Clearing Hacks: Driveway Snow, No Shovel

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Winter transforms landscapes into picturesque snowy wonderlands, but it also necessitates effective commercial snow and ice management. While shoveling is a common approach, there are alternative methods to efficiently clear snow without the strenuous labor of a traditional shovel. In this article, we’ll delve into seven snow removal techniques that don’t require a shovel, providing practical and efficient solutions for tackling winter’s icy challenges in commercial snow and ice management.

1. Using a Snow Blower

A snow blower is an effective tool for removing snow without the need for a shovel, especially for commercial snow removal in St. Paul. It operates by using a powerful motor to scoop up snow and discharge it away from your driveway. Snow blowers come in various sizes, from compact electric models suitable for smaller driveways to larger gas-powered units for heavy-duty snow removal.

To use a snow blower, simply start the engine, adjust the chute’s direction, and guide the machine along your driveway. The snow blower’s auger or impeller breaks up and propels the snow into the discharge chute, which can throw the snow several feet away. It’s a fast and efficient way to clear snow, making it a popular choice for homeowners in regions with heavy snowfall.

2. Employing an Electric Snow Shovel

Electric snow shovels, also known as snow throwers or power shovels, are compact and lightweight machines designed for smaller snow-clearing tasks. They are easy to maneuver and ideal for clearing snow from steps, walkways, and smaller driveways.

To use an electric snow shovel, plug it in, turn it on, and guide it over the snow-covered surface. The machine’s auger scoops up the snow and throws it out of the chute, allowing you to clear a path quickly. Electric snow shovels are convenient for homeowners looking for a budget-friendly and space-saving snow removal solution.

3. Utilizing a Snow-Melting Mat

A snow-melting mat is a modern and hassle-free way to keep your driveway snow-free. These mats are designed to be placed on the surface of your driveway and generate heat to melt snow and ice. They are typically electrically powered and can be controlled via a thermostat or timer.

To use a snow-melting mat, lay it out on your driveway before a snowstorm or when snow accumulation begins. Once activated, the mat will gradually melt the snow, leaving you with a clear and safe driveway. Snow-melting mats are a low-maintenance option, providing continuous snow removal without any manual effort.

4. Applying De-icer

De-icer is a chemical substance designed to melt snow and ice on contact. It’s a simple and convenient solution for preventing snow buildup on your driveway and walkways. De-icers are available in various forms, including rock salt, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride. To use a de-icer, spread it evenly over your driveway before or after snowfall. The de-icer will lower the freezing point of water, causing the snow and ice to melt. Be cautious when using de-icer, as some types can be harmful to concrete surfaces and vegetation. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply the recommended amount.

5. Clearing Snow with a Roof Rake

A roof rake can be repurposed to clear snow from your driveway. It features a long pole with a flat blade or rake head that allows you to reach and remove snow from overhead structures like roofs and trees.

To clear snow from your driveway using a roof rake, extend the pole and use the blade to push or pull snow off the surface. This method is effective for preventing snow buildup and ice formation, especially in areas where snow regularly falls from roofs onto driveways.

6. Snow Removal with a Wheelbarrow Plow

A wheelbarrow plow is a manually operated plow attachment that you can add to a standard wheelbarrow. It’s an economical option for homeowners with small to medium-sized driveways.

To use a wheelbarrow plow, attach it to your wheelbarrow and push it through the snow, allowing the plow to scoop and move the snow to the desired location. While it may require some physical effort, it’s a practical and affordable way to clear snow without a shovel.

7. Installing Heated Driveway Systems

Heated driveway systems are a high-end snow removal solution that involves installing heating elements beneath the surface of your driveway. These systems can be electric or hydronic (using heated water or antifreeze solution) and are controlled by a thermostat.

To install a heated driveway system, you’ll need professional assistance. The heating elements are embedded in the driveway’s surface and are activated when needed to melt snow and ice. While it’s a significant investment, a heated driveway provides a completely automated and maintenance-free way to keep your driveway clear during the winter months.


There are several effective snow removal methods available for homeowners and property managers that don’t require the use of a traditional shovel. From snow blowers and electric snow shovels to innovative solutions like heated driveway systems and snow-melting mats, there’s a snow removal option to fit every budget and need.

These alternatives make clearing snow from driveways and walkways more convenient, efficient, and hassle-free, ensuring safe passage during winter months without the back-breaking work of shoveling. By choosing the right method for your situation, you can enjoy a snow-free environment without breaking a sweat, whether for personal use or as part of your commercial snow removal contract pricing strategy.


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