Smart Restroom Technology Can Command a Premium Above Base Rent, Survey Shows

According to a recent survey from leading hygiene company GP PRO, more than 90% of real estate professionals believe a smart technology that helps ensure consistently clean and well stocked restrooms warrants a premium above base rent, with two-thirds of property managers and 57% of commercial real estate brokers putting that premium at or above 3%1.

The survey further reveals that, based on its hygiene and tenant satisfaction benefits, 99% of real estate professionals believe GP PRO’s KOLO™ Smart Monitoring System in particular warrants a premium above base rent, with 63% putting that premium at or above 3% and 19% putting it at or above 5%.

“These findings make a very strong case for accepting smart restroom technology as an investment with the potential for a highly valuable return,” said John Strom, vice president and general manager of GP PRO’s Connected Solutions.

Strom noted that the survey findings align well with those from a 2021 GP PRO survey in which 89% of consumers said having clean and well stocked restrooms contributes to their workplace satisfaction, outranking other building amenities such as free or low-cost parking and on-site fitness and childcare facilities2.

“Commercial real estate experts predict varying occupancy outcomes for their industry in the years ahead, but one thing that remains consistent in their feedback is confidence that their businesses will lift out of any downturn by investing in efficiency-enhancing building technology,” he said.

The KOLO Smart Monitoring System is a wireless communication platform that alerts facility managers and custodians in real time when something in a restroom needs their immediate attention, which helps to improve hygiene, sustainability, and tenant satisfaction as well as labor productivity. Through connected paper towel, bath tissue, soap, and sanitizer dispensers, the KOLO System sends notifications about dispenser issues and product levels to help avoid outages, reduce waste, improve custodian satisfaction, and ensure a positive tenant experience. Through a task management capability, the KOLO System also sends alerts about specific enhanced cleaning and sanitizing tasks to be completed.

Part of what sets the KOLO System apart is its open platform, which allows connection to a suite of ecosystem partners, including TOTO toilets, sinks and urinals; the Tooshlights® restroom traffic management system; Avius patron feedback monitors; and Butlr occupancy-sensing platform. Data and alerts can also be integrated into other facility management and building automation systems both in and outside of the restroom.

The KOLO Smart Monitoring System is the winner of a 2022 CBRE Best Workplace Experience Solution Award, a 2020 CBRE Best Healthy Workplace Solution Award, and a 2018 ISSA Innovation Honorable Mention Award. It is currently deployed in dozens of high traffic facilities across the country, including MLB and NFL stadiums, airports, universities, performance venues, and Class A office buildings.

About GP PROBased in Atlanta, Georgia-Pacific and its subsidiaries are among the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of bath tissue, paper towels and napkins, tableware, paper-based packaging, cellulose, specialty fibers, building products, and related chemicals. The company operates approximately 150 facilities and employs approximately 30,000 people directly and creates nearly 89,000 jobs indirectly. GP PRO, a division of Georgia-Pacific, manufactures and sells well-known brands like ActiveAire®, Angel Soft® Professional Series, Brawny®, Compact®, Dixie®, Dixie Ultra®, enMotion®, and Pacific Blue™. GP PRO products meet restroom, foodservice, and break room needs for office buildings, healthcare, foodservice, high traffic, lodging, retail, and education facilities, plus a wide range of industrial and manufacturing facilities in North America. For more information, visit

*Featured Image Courtesy: GP Pro/Georgia Pacific

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