Six ways to make sure your rental appeals to good tenants

Attracting respectable tenants to your rental property is becoming extremely competitive with each passing day, but it can become easier if you know what to do. To bring in good tenants, you need to give them a reason to care about your property and end up approaching you. Remember, there’s a sea of rental properties and ads about them out there in the market. In order to reach your target audience, you need to focus on the kind of message you’re putting out there while also keeping in mind the area your property is in.

If your property is in Tampa, Florida, where the estimated monthly cost of living for a family of four is roughly more than $ 4,000, excluding rent, you wouldn’t want to target individuals below a certain income bracket. Your rental ad needs to be tailored around the kind of people who wouldn’t mind paying a hefty amount every month for your rental property.

Here are a few ways to attract the right kind of tenants to your rental property.

–         Host an open house

Yes, this will require a significant investment in terms of time and money, but this is a major step in attracting the right tenants. Make sure your property has all the necessary fittings and fixtures before you invite potential customers. Are you familiar with the concept of staging? Stage your property in a way that is immediately eye-catching—the lights, fittings, and especially places such as the closet and the bathroom should all be visually appealing and functional. With the average rent in Tampa for a 2-bedroom home being 14% higher than the national average, people expect well-designed homes.

Start with the bathrooms to deal with any plumbing issues while replacing outdated fixtures, such as showers, with modern ones. Use the keywords Tampa shower replacement company near me and contact professionals who can revamp your bathrooms.

–         Hire a good photographer

Another important aspect of marketing your rental is posting on social and digital media to spread the word about it because that’s where most of the target audience comes from. You can use the most amazing vocabulary and paint a visual picture with your description, but that wouldn’t mean much without pictures. It is important to put up eye-catching pictures and stunning visuals of your property. You could do it with your phone, but it is advised to hire a professional photographer who can really bring out the best in your rental through their HD cameras and lighting equipment. Ask them to take pictures from all angles, especially those aspects of the property that add value to it. So, for example, if you have a built-in fireplace or a big vanity in the bathroom, make sure you get pictures of that.

–         Work on Your Listings

Begin by creating an irresistible real estate listing description that aligns with the story you want to tell for your rental. Remember that most potential tenants will come across your property through online listings on rental services. Your listing should be the primary tool to grab their attention, provide a reason for them to consider your property, and convince them to schedule a tour. The headline should be crafted in a way that sparks interest and captivates the tenant’s attention. Your prospective tenants should be able to relate to the listing, which will convince them to make an offer. Your listing should also have a compelling narrative and stand out from the other listings. Your listing needs to be descriptive and informative yet concise enough to maintain audience interest.

–         Include a CTA (call-to-action)

Booking property tours or obtaining information regarding your rental should be easy for tenants. If they encounter difficulties accessing contact details on your profile or listing, you risk losing their interest. A call-to-action button makes it easier for tenants to contact you. Business pages, particularly on platforms like Facebook, offer options for sharing information such as your mailing and email address, phone number, and business hours. Utilize this feature to enhance your chances of engaging and reaching out to qualified tenants. Incomplete profile information is more likely to deter potential tenants from pursuing your listing. Contacting you should be easy. Your tenants shouldn’t have to chase you and make much effort to contact you. If that happens, they think it will be the same when finalizing the deal.

  • Showcase Floor Plans

Incorporating floor plans into your marketing approach allows tenants to visualize the layout and arrangement of their furniture within the property. While traditionally reserved for marketing properties for sale, floor plans have become increasingly important to tenants. By providing floor plans, you enable potential tenants to have an overall understanding of your rental even before physically inspecting it. This additional detail can enhance their decision-making process and improve their overall experience.

  • Highlight the Amenities and Community

Environmentally conscious tenants might seek properties with green amenities, such as renewable energy sources, electric vehicle charging stations, and comprehensive recycling programs. Senior citizens may value communities with access to local walking trails, parks, and convenient on-site healthcare services. Consequently, marketing a rental property extends beyond promoting the physical structure alone; it involves marketing the entire community and its distinctive amenities, as these factors have the greatest appeal to potential tenants. Every tenant might have distinct preferences regarding essential amenities, but one common consideration for all tenants is the community they will be part of. Depending on their demographics, different tenants have differing perceptions of what a community encompasses. Prospective tenants starting a family may prioritize proximity to schools and childcare facilities.


Marketing a property is similar to marketing a product or service. Brands and businesses come up with products and services every day. They come up with exciting product ideas, add interesting features, and add colors, graphics, cool logos, and taglines for the packaging. They develop exciting marketing campaigns and promotional strategies with one sole objective: to attract more customers. The same is the case with marketing your rental property. Incorporate the strategies mentioned above into your listing plan. That way, you can increase your chances of attracting the right tenants. However, you must always align it with who your target tenants are. That way, the process will be seamless and convenient for both parties.

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