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Should You Consider Insulated Sectional Doors

Should You Consider Insulated Sectional Doors

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A simple home improvement is to replace your garage doors. It’s also among the most worthwhile improvements you can make. One research indicated that when homeowners sell their houses, they recover 74% of the cost of a new garage door.

An insulated garage door is one of the newest trends. These doors’ insulation reduces energy loss and offers several additional advantages.

Let’s discuss them in detail!

  1. They Increase Your Home’s Value

When you choose insulated sectional doors, you may significantly improve your property’s appeal and energy efficiency. When you sell, insulated garage doors have a more appealing and durable appearance that helps attract purchasers. Buyers are ready to put down more money upfront because the home is more energy-efficient.

  1. They Save Energy

One of the biggest voids in the thermal envelope of your home is closed by insulated garage doors. They lighten the load on your HVAC system by keeping the heat out in the summer and in during the winter. To keep your home pleasant, you’ll use less electricity, which will cost you less. One of the best ways to increase your garage’s energy efficiency is to insulate the garage door.

  1. In the Winter, they Keep Your Garage Warmer.

Your garage gets a lot warmer with an insulated door. Some homeowners discover that their insulated garage doors raise the temperature of their garage by an additional 49 degrees compared to the outside air.

You’ll feel warmer and more comfortable using your garage as a workspace or living area. An insulated garage door is more practical if you utilize your garage to park your car. You’ll get home to a cozier garage and a warmer car. It makes carrying groceries or fastening child seat belts considerably simpler.

  1. They’re Quieter

Sound absorption is one of the insulation’s unexpected advantages. A thick layer of insulation can protect you from adjacent traffic and howling dogs. You won’t bother your neighbors if you use power equipment or play loud music in your garage. It is quieter to bounce a basketball off an insulated garage door than a non insulated door.

The insulation also reduces the sound of the door. Noise is absorbed by insulation that covers the spaces between the steel layers of the door. It will open and close more quietly, keeping the whole household peaceful and preventing you from awakening sleeping children or animals.

  1. They’re More Durable

Your garage door gains a strong inner layer from insulation, increasing its impact resistance. The door is less prone to damage thanks to the foam’s ability to cushion the stress from frequent openings and collisions.

Insulation not only increases durability but also safeguards the garage door opener. The motor and its metal moving parts will live longer and in better condition in a warmer garage.

  1. They Offer Flexible Insulation Options

When choosing an insulated garage door, you can choose the garage insulation R-value that best suits your requirements and financial constraints. The definition of R-value is a measurement of a material’s heat flow resistance. Better insulation is produced by materials with a high R-value, keeping heat within and cold outside. The opposite is true in the summer, keeping your air conditioning inside. You can choose various garage door insulation R-values, ranging from poor to exceptional.

  1. They Protect Your Vehicle And Belongings

Your car is shielded from high temperatures by an insulated garage door. Your battery’s capacity is limited by cold conditions, which could result in a dead battery. Additionally, it thickens fluids like motor oil and antifreeze, which could lead to problems. Your tire pressure may also decrease in cold air. These problems can reduce your car’s lifespan or require you to visit a technician.

You probably keep a lot of temperature-sensitive items in your garage in addition to your car. Substances like motor oil, paint, fertilizer, and cleaning agents can alter consistency in severe temperatures.


The best long-term investment is an insulated garage door if you can afford it. Although insulated garage doors are more expensive than non-insulated ones, they pay for themselves through energy savings and year-round garage use.


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