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Send and Receive Cryptos in a Jiffy

Send and Receive Cryptos in a Jiffy

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Imagine a world in which you could send and receive cryptos in a jiffy. Well, that world has arrived. Jiffy is an app that makes it easy for anyone to send and receive cryptos on their phone, with no signup required and minimal effort involved
Jiffy makes it simple to exchange cryptocurrencies. Just type in your public address, enter the amount of crypto you want to send (or receive), and choose “send” or “receive”. You can confirm your transaction via SMS verification code or biometrics (depending on your device). If that’s not enough for ya, there are no fees associated with using the app!

Is Jiffy an App?

Jiffy is a website that allows you to quickly and easily send and receive cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t work like other cryptocurrency wallets, which can only be used on phones or tablets. Jiffy works on any browser, so you can use it from your computer or laptop as well as from your mobile device. And there’s no sign-up process. You just go straight to the site and start sending or receiving cryptos!
Jiffy is fast because it takes advantage of blockchain technology (the same kind of technology behind Bitcoin). The way this works is that when someone sends you money using Jiffy, that transaction gets recorded in an open ledger called a blockchain. Then everyone who uses Jiffy sees the transaction happen at once!
Jiffy is also safe because the transactions are recorded publicly in these ledgers. No one can ever change them once they’ve been made. They’re permanent! 
When someone sends money via Jiffy they’ll see a note saying something like “The transaction has been broadcasted.” It means another person could even come along later on and check every single one of those transactions out there too, so far as anyone knows right now anyway.

Send and Receive in a Jiffy

Jiffy is an online platform that allows you to send and receive cryptos in a jiffy. It’s a web browser interface (no need for downloads, extensions, or plugins). You can access it from anywhere, anytime. Jiffy is an online wallet where you can store your coins and have total control over them by setting up private keys for each crypto.
Jiffy is also a crypto exchange where you can buy/sell cryptos directly with fiat money (USD) in the cryptocurrency markets. Jiffy is also a digital wallet that allows users to keep their funds safe from hackers. You can store them on decentralized blockchains instead of third-party servers or web applications like Google Drive or Dropbox. There they could be hacked at any time!
Finally, Jiffy is a crypto wallet that gives its users complete control over their private keys. However, it means that if someone else gets hold of this key, then they would be able to spend all the funds stored in your account without any way for you to stop them!

Jiffy Is Fast

It’s faster than other crypto transfer services. Here are a few reasons why:
Jiffy offers instant settlement when you send or receive crypto via our Lightning Network-based wallet. No transaction fees, no waiting for confirmations, no stress over blockchain congestion delays.
It leverages its speed and security features to provide you with an unmatched level of usability. It is applicable even if you don’t have any prior experience using a cryptocurrency wallet!

People Like to Use It

One of the reasons people like using Jiffy is that it’s fast. And by fast, we mean fast. It takes just seconds to send your crypto. You can also set up recurring payments or schedule transactions for later in the day or week. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to make a transfer or setting it up ahead of time!
Jiffy is convenient too. You can use it from your couch, at work, on vacation, and even when traveling abroad! And unlike other crypto apps out there that charge fees for every transaction, Jiffy is free to use as long as you connect your wallet with us first (which only takes seconds).

Jiffy Is Free

The Lightning Network is a second layer on top of Bitcoin that allows for cheap, fast, and scalable payments. With this technology in place, you can send and receive Bitcoin through the Lightning Network. This means that you don’t need to pay any fees whatsoever when using Jiffy!
Because we are using the Lightning Network for all our transactions, there are no transaction fees at all. It’s completely free to use Jiffy as often as you want without any kind of hassle or worry about your pocketbook!

How Safe is It?

You must know how to use a crypto exchange safely. They take their security measures very seriously and ensure that all of the data we receive is kept secure.
They use industry-standard encryption techniques and cryptography to protect your information from being stolen or compromised by third parties. For example, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology will encrypt sensitive data such as passwords when it’s sent over the internet between your browser and our website.
To protect your privacy further, they store all personal information offline in encrypted form so that only employees with specific job responsibilities can access it. Even then, they can only see what they need to see at any given time.

Transfer Your Cryptos Quickly and Easily

Jiffy is a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange service that allows you to send, receive and exchange your cryptos in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re trading your coins for other cryptocurrencies or converting them into fiat money, you can use Jiffy to do it with ease.
To get started with Jiffy, visit their site and register an account and create a password for yourself. 


Jiffy is a simple way of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. It allows you to send crypto funds in a minute or two, which is the fastest transaction time out there. You can also use it to make payments via a mobile app, which you can download on both Android and iOS devices.
Jiffy also has super-secure storage for your assets, with no fees attached whatsoever! If you want more information about this service, check out their website at [link here].


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