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RISE VILLAGE Opportunity Zone in Downtown Vegas

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RISE VILLAGE Opportunity Zone in Downtown Vegas

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RISE VILLAGE Opportunity Zone Fund (RVOZF) is seeking accredited investors for a mixed-use real estate project in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The fund is now accepting subscriptions toward their $30,000,000 Series A Round Raise.
RISE Village, LLC is a “Mixed-Use” Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund located in the iconic Fremont Street District right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. The fund provides private equity investors the opportunity to not only do well financially, but to also do a great deal of good for the historic community.
RVZOF will achieve their investment objectives by leveraging partnerships with community service providers and local government officials who are fully committed to the revitalization efforts outlined in the City Of Las Vegas’ 2050 Master Plan. The fund will help to establish a clear pathway to homeownership for justice impacted families and create community stakeholders in the process.
The RISE Together Staffing Agency and Peer Support Program will be the heart of the new community. It will connect all of our residents, and their immediate family members, to insurance based therapeutic services and second chance employment partners across the technology and green energy industries. The goal is to create two income households whenever possible and put RISE families on the fast track to homeownership. This will be accomplished by working in partnership with JP Morgan Chase community bank; providing each family with financial literacy and planning that focuses on establishing a respectable credit rating and credit history that serve toward qualifying for a home mortgage.
RVZOF is looking for investors and contributors who understand the value of an “investing in people first philosophy.” This underscores the fund’s strategy and is key to long-term success. All of the executive management involved in the fund from its inception through the execution and administration of it have been carefully selected based on their personal commitment to helping fulfill our vision and mission. The fund managers are both especially passionate about fulfilling our mission and vision because they and their families have been personally impacted by these challenges.
Due to high demand, the fund is limiting our Series A Offering to the first thirty million dollars in capital gains we receive in deposit from Reg D qualified investors. During subsequent rounds the fund may offer additional investment opportunities in the range of thirty to seventy million dollars based upon the physical space remaining within our opportunity zone.
Mission Statement
The fund’s mission is to create community stakeholders by providing a clear pathway to homeownership for justice impacted families by offering educational, entrepreneurial, and career-based opportunities and fostering a culture of safety, security, and inclusivity within their community. When individuals have the resources and support, they need to succeed, they will help to raise the value of the entire community.
“We believe in purpose driven profits; When investors invest in people first, they receive exponential returns for generations to come.” said Adam Clausen, Fund Manager.
Investment Thesis
Las Vegas real estate has appreciated by 223.5% over the last ten years. The annual appreciation rate has been averaging 12.46%, which places Las Vegas squarely in the top 10% nationally for real estate appreciation.
There remains substantial room for growth exceeding projected national averages for the next decade due to the fact home builders underbuilt by 50% the last ten years. Furthermore, in 2025 Millennials, the second largest generation in history with a population of 90 million, will hit median home buyer age and drain whatever supply still exists in the market.
There has rarely been a better time than right now to lock in real estate investments for the next decade due to the expected rate of appreciation and subsequent rate of return.
Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses provide an additional investment vehicle for the fund to create 10x+ potential returns by focusing on green and tech-based growth start-up and early growth companies. Those investments include hydroponics, solar power technology, electric vehicle technology, computer coding for both AR and VR applications, and many other areas of innovation.
Fund Vision & Value
The Fund believes in purpose driven profits. When a fund invests in people first, the fund will inevitably receive exponential returns for generations to come.
Our fund managers plan to create sustainable solutions for the housing and employment challenges currently faced by many justice system impacted families. Both have personally confronted and overcome those challenges and now want to ensure others who are not as fortunate as they have access to all the resources and support, they need to succeed.
Fund Impact
Investors in the RISE Village Qualified Opportunity Fund will help change the trajectory of countless families’ lives by providing career-based employment and long-term housing solutions, thereby fulfilling a need that local, state, and federal governments have long struggled and failed to adequately address.
Why RISE Village
Reduce recidivism, unemployment & chronic homelessness.Revitalize part of an iconic/historic district.Return On Investment = Phenomenal.
Opportunity Zones are designed to spur economic development by providing tax benefits to investors. First, investors can defer tax on any prior Capital Gains deposited into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOF) for up to five years. Then, after five years they will only be required to pay taxes on 90% of the original amount deposited thanks to a “10% Step Up Basis.” Additionally, those deferred taxes at 90% will only be assessed at the CURRENT rate of 23.5% and therefore are likely to avoid far higher future capital gains tax rates.
Finally, after a required ten-year minimum term, the initial amount deposited PLUS all the accrued interest derived from QOF property (real estate and business stock) can then be withdrawn from the QOF entirely tax free.
Investor Opportunity
Today – 0% Tax Due – One million dollars invested today will appreciate tax free for five years.
5 Years – 10% Step Up Basis on Deferred Capital Gains tax due at 23.5% assessed on $900,000, which is 10% less the total one million invested.
10 Years – Tax Free – If Opportunity Zone investment generates another 9 million in profit over the ten-year term the entire 10 million can then be withdrawn tax free.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created Qualified Opportunity Zones (“QOZs”) to provide potentially significant tax benefits to investors who re-invest capital gains into long-term investments into communities designated for economic development. There are over 8,500 QOZs across all US states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico. They offer investors the ability to positively impact communities struggling to attract capital to generate sustainable economic opportunity for their communities.
A Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (“QOF”) is an investment vehicle which is organized as a corporation or partnership for the purpose of investing (at least 90% of its assets) in qualified opportunity zone assets or businesses.
A qualified opportunity zone asset/property can be (so long as acquired after December 31,2017):Stock in a domestic corporation that is a QOZ business
Any capital or profits interest in a domestic Partnership that is a QOZ business
Tangible asset used in the trade or business of a QOZ business, where the QOF substantially improves the asset
Taxpayers may defer paying tax on capital gains, if such capital gains are invested in a QOF, within 180 days from the gain. The deferral period ends the earlier of when the taxpayer sells its interest in the QOF or the 5-year mark. Investments held for 5 years prior to that date will also qualify for a 10% increase in the tax-payer’s tax basis of the amount of the deferred gain. Any taxpayer that holds its investment for a minimum of 10 years, can achieve no capital gain tax on the appreciation of its investment.
Fund Terms and Team
Adam Clausen – Fund Manager
Adam Bentley Clausen is a Leader, Life Coach, and Entrepreneur whose purpose in life is to inspire others to live into their full potential. In 2001 Adam was sentenced to 213 YEARS in federal prison with no chance of parole. He spent 20+ years transforming his life and helped countless others to do the same both while he was incarcerated, and then also during his tenure at Hope for Prisoners, the most successful reentry organization in the country.
Ultimately, it was Adam’s compilation of “extraordinary and compelling” achievements, which included leading a team of nearly 100 incarcerated coaches who effectively transformed the culture of an entire prison, that led to him being awarded “compassionate release,” and being granted a second chance at life. Adam is now living an extraordinary life in Las Vegas where he lives with his wife Rosanne and young son Christian. There he continues to serve his community as a member of the local Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Las Vegas Class of 2022, where he is directly connected to city officials, business leaders and other prominent members of the greater Las Vegas community.
Over the last two decades Adam acquired all the knowledge and skills he needed to not only successfully navigate the bureaucracy of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, but also to consistently thrive in the face of unfathomable adversity. As a result of his experiences and achievements Adam is highly regarded as a subject matter expert in the following areas: crisis management, conflict resolution, leadership, networking and physical fitness. In addition to being the founder and CEO of APEX Alternative Solutions, LLC, a company that designs custom tailored solutions to complex interpersonal challenges. Adam also serves as the Fund Manager at RISE Village, LLC where he exercises his hard-earned knowledge, skills and experiences to effectively bring his vision for the RISE Village project to fruition.
Nicole Meyer – Fund Manager
Nicole discovered her passion for business and entrepreneurship in college. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a focus in International Business Relations, while studying at the American University of Rome.
After college, Nicole began a career in aviation, becoming the youngest female commercial pilot at her airline. After 12 years of flying, she hung up her wings and turned her attention to her community.
In 2012, Nicole formed a non-profit organization that provides housing in the multi-family space as an alternative to incarceration. As the Executive Director, she has spent the last decade working with real estate investors and the non-profit sector to provide both housing and employment for hundreds of citizens returning to the community.
Realizing that accessible housing has real power to change lives, create solid foundations, and build sustainable futures, Nicole obtained her real estate license, and now works as an agent at Keller Williams Commercial of Las Vegas. In addition, Nicole is a Fund Manager at RISE Village, where she employs her extensive real estate experience, vivid vision and invaluable community connections to breathe life into the RISE Village Project.
Fund Terms
Status: Open to InvestorsSeries Round A $30,000,000 Target OfferingTotal Fund: $100,000,000 Maximum OfferingInvestment: $50,000 Minimum SubscriptionType of Fund: LLCAsset Classification: Multiple AssetsActive Potential Investments: 2Fund Administration: OZInvested.comAnticipated Returns: +20%
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