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Repairing Commercial Building After Water Damage

Repairing Commercial Building After Water Damage

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It becomes impossible to use your commercial space if there is water damage, and it might potentially compromise your employees’ health and safety. It is critical to respond quickly if you see indicators of business water damage. 

Commercial water damage repair is typically more complicated than residential water damage recovery and necessitates a more comprehensive strategy. The restoration process is influenced by the size and construction of commercial buildings, the level of damage, the use of space, and the number of people working in that building. Aside from them, there is always a time limit for the task because the firm must begin as soon as feasible. 

Causes of Commercial building Water Damage 

Some common causes of water damage include:

  1. Damaged Pipes

An increase in pressure, deteriorating water supply lines, and freezing temperatures can cause broken pipes.  

  1. Damaged Windows

Damaged windows can allow rainwater to enter, causing various issues such as mold growth, warped wood, and drywall. 

  1. Poor Building Foundation

When drainage systems are not cleaned regularly, they can get blocked, allowing water to flow into the building via the roof or basement.  

  1. Leaked Roofs

A leaking roof can create ceiling damage, mold or mildew difficulties, fire threats from shorter wires, and structural integrity issues.  

  1. Severe weather conditions

Water damage to commercial buildings can occur due to extreme weather conditions. Other natural catastrophes like floods can also cause water damage to commercial buildings. 

Steps to Follow after Water Damage  
Now that you know the causes of commercial water damage, you might be thinking about how to repair the damage if something like this happens. Do not worry! This section is dedicated to your question. The basic actions to repair the commercial buildings after water damage include- 

  1. Check the extent of damage 

When you notice evidence of water damage, one of the first things you should do is determine the degree of the damage. Water may permeate through various construction materials distant from the site of the water intrusion for lengthy periods without causing visible harm. A moisture meter is required to determine how far the water has gone precisely. 

By making tests progressively farther away from the source of the damage, you can determine the extent of the damage. Knowing the degree of the damage will allow you to determine whether to focus on drying out the damaged items or replacing them. 

  1. Contact a water damage restoration expert

Water Damage Huston Restoration work might be too delicate or risky for someone who has specific skills or training. Attempting to undertake dry-out work without the necessary knowledge and expertise can result in difficulties, the most serious of which being unintentional harm from handling damaged building components. 

An expert in water damage remediation is likely to have the necessary tools and skills to reduce dangers. Furthermore, an expert is more likely to complete effective dry-out operations, decreasing total damage and the possibility of future difficulties. 

  1. Drying out the affected area

If you are doing the essential dry-out work on your own before the experts reach the damaged area, this is for you. If the facility has a climate control system, raising the temperature can prevent water condensation. 

Any air movers linked to an entrance should be closed so that they continually urge air out while preventing outside air from entering. Any moisture-damaged furniture should be discarded and evaluated. 

  1. Documentation

You may need to file an insurance claim to cover the cost of the repairs, and documentation is required. As a result, it’s critical to document as much as possible about the damage, its origin, and potential solutions. 

A moisture meter that can save measurements with a date and time stamp is helpful. Taking images of the damage might assist generate further proof of the water damage. If materials or furnishings must be discarded, keep account of what is discarded. 

Water damage in business buildings is a significant issue that must be handled immediately. Water damage may be caused by various factors, including damaged windows, roof leaks, damaged pipes, sewage blockages, HVAC leaks, and sprinkler system leaks. 

Fortunately, water damage may be avoided by installing a flood monitoring system, obtaining flood insurance, and performing regular property inspections and property maintenance. If you see evidence of water damage on your business property, contact a water damage Houston specialist immediately. 


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