Prospects for Online Casinos in the Near Future


If you've followed the growth and evolution of the gambling industry, you'll be in awe of just how much has changed over the past few decades. The internet, which may be considered the most important online casino technology, propelled this growth. After all, it's what made possible everything that came after. 
But despite the stark differences in how the industry generated revenue in the past and how it does now, the transformation will never be complete. Online casinos will continue to evolve. 
What changes should you expect, exactly? Jacek Michalski will explain the transformations within the industry in this post. 

There Will Be More Regulations on Operations 

Poland's gambling law was amended in April 2017 to prohibit players from accessing unlicensed sites. This means that you have limited options compared to if there were no regulations at all.
But if you want to play kasyno online na prawdziwe pieniadze, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Laws provide safeguards against scams so that you're assured of your payout when you win. If you win a million dollars, how sure are you that the casino will process your payment quickly? 
Although the main motivation for regulation will always be tax collection, casino licensing will still be the first move to ensure that online casinos will make good on their promise. 

Advertising Regulations Will Get Stricter 

Imagine seeing an ad that promises you riches if you just play. Although possible, playing in online casinos doesn't guarantee you anything. 
Although Poland has since legalized online gambling, the country also has advertising regulations based on the game. The specifics of these are in the Gambling Act. This prevents exploitation of the audience's goodwill through false advertisements and exaggeration of claims. 
In the future, we may see the same restrictions apply to affiliate marketers, not just to the companies themselves. But this could be a huge challenge to lawmakers. 
Especially if these affiliate marketers aren't in the same country, it may be difficult to implement restrictions. Legislators have to make sure they don't breach the right to freedom of speech for those within their jurisdiction. 


Virtual Reality (VR) Is Going to Become More Popular 

Imagine being in your home but feeling like you're in a land-based casino. This is something that casino VR tech is trying to accomplish. Although such prospects may have sounded too good to be true just a few years ago, they are slowly becoming a reality. 
More than any other thing on this list, virtual reality will transform the gambling industry in the same way the internet did just a couple of decades back. We've already seen the first phase of this: VR casino tech is out there. 
In the near future, it might become the norm. As more players get a taste of the immersive gaming experience that VR has to offer, they will crave it.
But considering the costs associated with VR accessories, this might be just for the big players at first. And like every new technology, they will become more accessible to the rest of the market as the tech becomes cheaper. 

Players Will Use Cryptocurrency More to Gamble 

One of the biggest setbacks of online gambling is the unreliability of banks and other large financial institutions. It's not new for players to have their winnings seized and endure a long withdrawal process. All while they're charging exorbitant fees for usually subpar services! 
Brick-and-mortar places are set in their ways, so players seek alternatives to eliminate these issues. One of these is cryptocurrency. By offering an all in all smoother transaction process for both withdrawals and deposits, it's attracting a healthy chunk of the market. 
This comes at a time when cryptocurrency is becoming more popular in general. Many casinos now accept it as a payment method, and you can expect that they will expand to accommodate less popular cryptos as well. 

Online Casinos Will Get a Larger Market Share 

They say there's no substitute for the "real" thing. But with online casinos, it's more of a case of "If you can't beat them, join them." 
Players who have never been to a land-based casino are more likely to never go to one. Online casinos are only becoming more convenient, so for most, there's no reason to. 
Meanwhile, operators of land-based casinos have been expanding online. Setting up shop online allows their existing clientele access to them anytime, anywhere. But more importantly, they realize the untapped market potential to improve their income further. 


If the present is any indication, the future is bright for both players and operators. Online casino technology, regulations, and clientele may change in unexpected ways, but the gambling industry will continue to thrive.

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