Proper Tree Trimming Maintenance

Proper Tree Trimming Maintenance

Homeowners and businesses are discovering that they can save money by doing tree care and tree trimming on their own. Trimming trees can be a tricky process; some trees don't respond well to being trimmed, others need to be trimmed more frequently, and a few types of trees simply grow too fast for even professional tree services to manage. But the results can be great. A beautiful tree that adds curb appeal to your front yard or garden can become an inviting feature on any property, making your home look more stylish and attractive. And, if you choose the right tree service, you can accomplish all of this without hiring a second person for the job!
Many tree service companies, such as Independence Tree Service, offer a variety of tree pruning techniques that can reduce your risk for costly tree removal in the event of severe weather. Some companies offer the services of tree trimming, cutting down overgrown branches, and tree felling in just a few days. In most cases, it will be less expensive to have these services performed by a tree care technician rather than by a regular homeowner.
Tree care technicians know which trees need to be pruned more frequently, which ones should be thinned out, and how to thin out shrubs in preparation for new trees. A qualified tree service company will be able to give you an estimate for tree care during your weekly or bi-weekly visits. This will allow you to budget the cost of landscaping without being guesswork or spending more than you want to. And, most tree care companies also offer free estimates during quiet times of the year (such as before major storms), when homeowners aren't usually at home.
Another benefit of the tree trimming performed by professionals is that there is no chance that homeowners associations will object. In most areas, homeowners associations do not have the right to demand that tree trimming services to be performed in their neighborhood. However, some communities do have strict rules about tree trimming within the homeowner's association areas. If you are having tree trimming work done, call the professional ahead of time so that you can arrange for the work to be done at the agreed upon date and time. This ensures that there will be no conflict between the work and any homeowner-association rules that might be in place.
Tree care technicians also trim trees to remove dead, damaged branches, thin branches, and unhealthy branches so that they can be treated properly before they break off and cause larger problems. Some homeowners find that a tree service is necessary after they experience a storm such as a tornado, hurricane, strong storm, or a lightning storm. Tree roots can grow into the underbelly of houses, causing damage to the foundation, walls, and wiring. The improper treatment of these roots can lead to more serious foundation problems. If the damage caused by the tree isn't resolved after the storm, the homeowner may face the costs of additional foundation work, like reinforced basement walls.
After trimming, proper tree trimming maintenance should occur to avoid future tree issues. Trimming old trees and new trees requires different pruning methods depending on the size of the tree, its condition, and where it is located. For instance, trees that are located in the corner of a yard, or are growing toward a home's property line, require that pruning occurs on an annual basis, rather than a seasonal basis. On the other hand, trees that are situated on a slope and are growing towards a home need to be trimmed more frequently to prevent damage to the roof of the home and reduce costs associated with repairs.
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