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Product Review: Villa 3000 Ozone Odor Free Generator

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Product Review: Villa 3000 Ozone Odor Free Generator

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As a B2B publisher in the commercial construction for 25 years, I always get requests to check out new products IE: Construction Boots, Safety Glasses, Gloves, Tools, Apparel, etc. Some I liked; some not but always give the product manufactures my honest opinion.
Recently was requested to check out the Villa 3000 Ozone Odor Free Generator.
My wife is a residential & commercial interior designer /contractor and asked her if we could try it out on one of her upcoming projects. Sure, she said, better yet, how about in one of our workers trucks and a new house she was going to remodel but had pet odors that were very strong.
First, the workers truck. Between eating in the truck, getting into the truck with dirty boots and clothes every day, the truck had accumulated, well let’s just say a true construction smell of hard work and sweat.
Very simple install, put the Odor eater in the back seat, cracked one of the back windows and let it run for several hours. Amazingly, for sure made the truck smell better. Would though suggest washing the seats and carpet first with a foam cleaning, let it dry out and then put the Ozone Odor Free to get rid of the odor at almost 100%.
Next was a house that was going to a refresh new floor, paint, etc but had pets and some stains on the carpet. Once again, suggest cleaning pet stains as best you can before place the Ozone Odor Free Genetator inside the area of the house where the odor is the worst and let run for 4 hours. Amazingly, it worked great as the odor was almost nonexistent.
You cannot be in the house or truck while the device is on as well must let sit for s few hours until going to see the results.
Would definitely recommend the Odor Free Ozone Generator unit to have as a cleaning contractor or homeowner to have for use if there is an odor issue that needs a remedy.
It can be used for Animal Odors, Apartments, Autos, Bars, Basements, Bathrooms, Bingo Parlors, Boats, Casinos, Cigarette Odors, Classrooms, Coffee Shops, Condominiums, Cruise Ships, Dormitories, Fire Damage, Hospitals, Hotels, Houses, Kitchens, Locker Rooms, Musty Odors, Motels, Nursing Homes, Offices, Pet Odors, Pool Halls, Pubs, Real Estate, Rental Cars, Rental Properties, Restaurants, RVs, Schools, Smoke Damage, Smoking Bars, Tobacco Odors, Tour Buses, Water Damage, Wildfire Odors, Yachts and others.
You will not go wrong owning this odor eating equipment, well worth the investment.

Authored by: David Corson: CCR Publisher/Editor

*Featured Image courtesy: Ozone Odor Free Generator


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