PERC Celebrates Inaugural National Propane Day

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is celebrating its inaugural National Propane Day on October 7, 2022. PERC is observing National Propane Day as an opportunity to recognize the propane industry and celebrate all the benefits propane offers to a variety of other industries, like commercial construction.

“Propane is energy for everyone, ensuring energy equity and reducing carbon emissions, and on October 7, we are celebrating National Propane Day by talking about all of the benefits propane offers,” said Bryan Cordill, director of residential and commercial business development at PERC. “Propane is clean, reliable, affordable, and available right now.”

Millions of Americans use propane for heat, hot water, cooking, and power generation at home and at work. It is also a popular energy source for school buses, emergency first-responder equipment, high-end restaurants, agriculture operations, and countless other applications.

Propane is a low-carbon alternative fuel with the versatility to power a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. Propane’s clean, efficient operation helps reduce emissions in major systems like space and water heating, for example. Using propane produces approximately 43 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than using an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the U.S. grid. In major systems, like water heating, propane can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 57 percent compared with electric models.

Additionally, using propane-powered construction equipment can help reduce emissions during the building process. Propane small-engine job site applications can reduce CO emissions by up to 50 percent, greenhouse gas emissions by up to 17 percent, and sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions by up to 16 percent compared with gasoline models. Propane equipment also emits fewer total nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions than equipment fueled by electricity, gasoline, or diesel.

“Propane’s versatility extends to equipment used for power generation, job site heat, material handling, and concrete work, presenting a single fuel solution for construction professionals,” said Cordill. “Consider this clean energy option that is available right now not only on Propane Day, but all year long.”

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Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) 

The Propane Education & Research Council is a nonprofit that provides leading propane safety and training programs and invests in research and development of new propane-powered technologies. PERC is operated and funded by the propane industry. For more information, visit 

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