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Painting the House? Here’s What You Need to Know

Painting the House? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Giving your house a new color can be a bit stressful. You need to do a lot of thinking and decide which color to paint and what tools you need to use. However, it doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Painting your house with new colors can change the ambiance and the mood of your home. It can establish an identity towards the people inside the household. Painting is one of the least expensive tools in making your house look nice and presentable. It is also the easiest thing to do than other home improvements. Before you start splashing colors on to your house, there are a few things you should know that will make it less stressful and make your life easier.

Prepare your House

When you are going to paint your house, remember that it is always better to clear everything that is in your way. If you are painting your room, move away from all furniture that can be a hindrance to your painting job and cover them with a cloth to protect them from any stains. It also applies when you are doing your living room. If you have wooden furniture and decide to change the color of it as well, you may use Heat Gun when removing paint from wooden surfaces as it is much easier to do. Keep in mind to fill in any holes or crack and clean all walls. Wipeout all build up dirt, dust, and oils so the paint will adhere to the walls. It is very important to prepare a house before you start painting them. It will help you clear your mind and decide well.

Choose the Color

It is hard for some to determine the best color they want for their house as it may differ from the looks of the wall, and the lighting in your house. So it is always a good idea to test first the paint color you want to buy. You may buy a small amount of paint first. If you have stone materials instilled in your house, going to earthy tone colors will help it compliment. If you have wood finishes, color shades coordinate well with your wood. Ensure that you test the color first and saw the color swatches before deciding on your color of choice.

Brush and Rolling

When it comes to applying paint, many are confused about who should come first, brushing the corners or rolling the walls. Despite the confusion, you always need to remember that you need to brush first before rolling. If you are going to paint your house, use a high-quality brush that can reach about an inch of the baseboards, corners, and ceilings. It may be a bit dull brushing, but it is important when painting. Then, you may use a roller to flatten out any marks that the brush left. Giving you a smooth flat surface.

Get Proper Supplies

Once you are done choosing the right color for your house and brushing off your walls, you may want to consider checking all your tools before painting your house. Make sure that you have a good roller extender as it will give you an extra arm to reach high walls. It is also a good investment to have a ladder. Having a good and sturdy ladder is beneficial when you need to reach the top corners of your walls that a roller cannot reach. Don’t forget to buy high-quality brushes as well. 
Here are just some of the things that you will need to know before painting your house. Be patient and take your time in deciding and doing all the preparation needed. These will help you show the true color that your heart truly desired for your house.


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