OSHA Standard Violations: Actions Employee To Take

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As an employee, you have the responsibility to abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard rules. If your employer is not following these rules, it can result in a citation, injury, or even death. Your time at work should be safe enough for you to avoid these violations. However, employers and supervisors sometimes do not follow the rules and end up causing harm to their employees. If you have been harmed by a violation of OSHA standards as an employee, here are the actions you should take. 
Report the Violation 
The first thing you should do as an employee is to report the violation. This could be done by telling your supervisor, HR department, or your union representative who may be able to get the employer to take action.  OSHA has a helping hand and teams of investigators that can help workers file reports. This will allow them to investigate the violations and make sure that your workplace is safe to work in. 
Obtain a Copy of the Inspection Report 
This is necessary because it shows you how your employer violated OSHA rules through the "serious" or "repeat" violations. This will help you know what to expect from your employer when he or she continues to violate the safety rules. By having a copy of the violation report, you can tell if other violations need to be addressed or if this one is serious. These documents can also prove that your employer was in violation, and you should be able to receive compensation for the harm he or she caused you. 
Address Your Concerns to the Employer 
Your next step as an employee is to notify the employer of the problem. However, not all employers will follow the rules to rectify the causes of a construction accident in question and this can cause harm to their employees. You must note if there are repeat violations, close one or more of them, and allow OSHA inspections at any time. This is another way of reporting violations to your employer. The company will be required to follow the rules and make sure that your workplace is safe for everyone. 
Get a Lawyer 
If your employer is not following the rules and causing harm to you, it may be time to speak with a lawyer. An attorney can help you file a complaint and make sure that OSHA will address the violation properly. By filing a complaint, it will be easier to get compensation if your employer caused harm by violating the safety standards. They will also assist you in attending any OSHA inspections in case there are additional violations that need to be fixed. 
File a Lawsuit 
The last step you should take as an employee is to file a lawsuit. If the previous four courses of action have not helped, then it is time to sue your employer if he or she has violated the safety rules. You should speak with an attorney to go over the damages you have suffered. He or she will also be able to tell you what method of compensation is best for your case. The goal of filing suit is to get compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and emotional distress. 
If you have been harmed by a violation of OSHA standards, then you should take the proper actions. Taking the discussed steps as an employee will help you get compensation for the harm your employer caused you. You may also be able to make sure that similar violations are avoided in the future. This will make sure that your workplace is safe enough for everyone to work in. 

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