ONE: Bringing Back Construction & Home Renovation

If you own a construction or home improvement business, generating revenue can feel like a rollercoaster. There are times when customers avoid building, renovating, or improving their commercial and residential properties due to financial concerns. Still other times, demand far outweighs supply and business is booming.
Nobody knows for sure when the economy will fluctuate. When financial instability does occur, it's important to have resources to help you manage the instability. Luckily, financial solutions like ONE are making a difference. 
Introducing ONE
ONE is a digital bank established in Sacramento, CA, in 2019. Although relatively new to the banking industry, ONE has made a significant impact in simplifying finances for everyday consumers. Account holders have access to various banking solutions that have helped them get organized, save more money, and ultimately, get back to their investment goals. 
ONE Means More Money In Your Pocket
When the economy is facing financial risks, saving as much money as possible can provide an important buffer. ONE account holders benefit from a number of resources that can help stretch incomes further. 
Fee-Free Banking
Statistics show that the average consumer spends approximately $290 a year on banking fees. The fees include minimum balance, monthly maintenance, transaction, overdraft, insufficient funds, and ATM transactions. 
ONE is doing its part to help banking customers keep more money in their pockets by offering fee-free banking services. Account holders don’t ever have to worry about being charged for transactions they complete on a daily basis. This enables the ability to set more money aside for fluctuating construction costs including new builds, improvements, and repairs. 
High-Interest Savings
Depositing money into an interest-bearing account is one of the easiest ways to save. However, unless you have $5,000 or more to set aside, you won’t typically accrue enough interest to make it worth your while. At an average of 0.01% APY, it could take years to see a return. 
Knowing that times are challenging for everyone, ONE seeks to ease this burden. Customers can earn 1.00% APY on funds deposited into savings and 3.00% APY on Auto-Save. As you might imagine, higher interest results in more money, which can result in an uptick to customers hiring contractors. 
ONE Means Better Budgeting
Construction and home improvement projects aren’t cheap, so many customers create a budget to help them generate the money they need to get work done. A budget allows people to track spending, eliminate unnecessary expenses, save money, and set aside cash for large projects. Unfortunately, sticking to a budget can be challenging. 
ONE has a unique solution for consumers that need help with budgeting. Pockets are sub-accounts linked to a ONE bank card and are instrumental in helping customers budget better. Primary Pockets include Spend, Save, and Auto-Save. 
The Spend Pocket is similar to a checking account where you keep the money you wish to spend. The Save Pocket is essentially a savings account earning 1.00% APY interest. The Auto-Save Pocket is a feature in which ONE rounds up everyday transactions to the nearest dollar and deposits the change into the Auto-Save Pocket, where it can generate 3.00% APY. 
ONE customers can also customize Pockets to match their budget expenses. They can create a sub-account for things like mortgages, insurance, utilities, groceries, gas, and of course, renovations and repairs. When funds are deposited into the Spend Pocket, customers can divide it up into their other Pockets to correlate with their expense amounts, bill balances, and savings goals. 
Using Pockets helps consumers develop better financial habits, including reducing unnecessary spending and reaching financial goals like improving their properties faster. 
If current times have caused a decline in customers, you’re not alone. Although many have opted to put off their building, renovation, and improvement goals, there is hope. When you sign up for a ONE account, you can access banking solutions that can help shore up finances to start investing in commercial and residential properties.

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January 26th, 2023
The 13th Annual Hybrid Summit will be held on January 26th, 2023 Noon to 4 PM EST.

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