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Office Oasis: Creating Productive and Comfortable Workspaces

Office Oasis: Creating Productive and Comfortable Workspaces

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A business thrives on productivity. To enhance employee productivity, you must consider the structure and setting of your office. It’s not just about the location, but also the layout of furniture and equipment, the flow between employee spaces, and the overall office vibe.

Fortunately, there are resources available to increase your business’s productivity levels and create an office environment that motivates employees to focus on their tasks. Read on for tips and advice on achieving that.

Workspace Organization Tips

#1 Choose Comfortable Office

Choosing the perfect location for your workspace forms the groundwork for a productive work environment. Here are productivity tips to help you:

  • Natural Light: Whenever feasible, opt for a workspace flooded with ample natural light. Not only does it alleviate eye strain, but it also uplifts your mood and energy levels. Consider sitting your desk close to a window to maximize the benefits of this light source.
  • Quiet Environment: To minimize distractions, prioritize a tranquil space for your workspace. If noise is unavoidable, invest in noise-canceling headphones. Additionally, think about including soft furnishings like rugs or curtains to absorb sound and create a serene atmosphere.
  • Ergonomic Furniture: An ergonomic setup can help discomfort prevent long-term health problems. Ensure that the setup is adjustable to suit your unique needs. Look for chairs with lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and a height-adjustable desk.

#2 Clean Every Day

Each day, when you arrive at your workspace, spend a few moments tidying up. Put away any loose papers, wipe off the surface, and leave space for your work. At the end of your day, take a few more minutes to complete this task again. Maintaining a clutter-free workspace can enhance your focus and productivity. Consider including an organizational system in your space to help keep your work area tidy.

#3 Set Up a Secure and Flexible Digital Environment

When you plan an office design, you consider location, lighting, room capacity, and other parameters, but most pay little attention to the digital space. A productive workspace depends heavily on your encryption tools. For example, can you change location on Android and unblock a competitor’s site or resource with important statistics? If you haven’t mastered it, now is the time to improve your knowledge in this area. In the future, you will be able to use VPN for Apple TV, Macbook, and other devices that work with the Internet and are highly subject to regional restrictions.

#4 Add a Scent

Certain scents can activate the brain, enhancing productivity or inducing a sense of calm. For instance, citrus scents improve clarity of thought, while peppermint and cinnamon scents heighten mental concentration, focus, and energy. You can infuse your workspace with a light scent by adding a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser or applying diluted oil with a roller ball to the back of your neck.

#5 Create Collaborative Spaces

To prevent distractions among co-workers, create collaborative spaces within the office where employees can brainstorm, share ideas, and work together in a relaxed and private setting. These spaces should have whiteboards, comfortable seating, and inspiring décor to foster creativity.

#6 Prepare Drinks

To boost brain function and maintain stable blood sugar levels, it’s crucial to stay hydrated and well-fed throughout your workday. If you can, keep a variety of snacks and beverages within easy reach, like in a desk drawer. Additionally, consider setting up a small refreshment stand near your workspace for quick access to snacks and drinks without getting distracted.

#7 Include Plants

When designing your office space, consider how small design elements can impact mood, health, and overall attitudes toward work. For instance, having plants in the office or on employees’ desks can bring numerous benefits. Research conducted on behalf of the Flower Council of Holland revealed that 70 percent of respondents reported an improved atmosphere both at home and in the office due to plants, while 31 percent claimed that plants aided their concentration at work. Moreover, a study from the University of Exeter discovered that individuals working in an office environment with live plants scored 15 percent higher in creativity compared to those without plants.

#8 Minimize Noise

Whether it’s the sound of your washing machine at home or the chatter of coworkers in the office, background noise is distracting. Lowering the noise level around you can increase your motivation, reduce stress, and boost productivity. To create a productive workspace, consider using noise-canceling headphones that allow you to block out surrounding noise. If you prefer a quiet environment, wearing headphones can help minimize background noises.

#9 Prepare a Place for All Gadgets

Smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets possess the potential to enhance productivity and organization. However, they can also serve as significant distractions and time-wasters. It might be worth using a proactive approach to overcome this issue – assign a specific “home” for your gadgets and limit their presence to that place while working. By minimizing the relentless flood of notifications, you can focus on the tasks at hand. A drawer may prove to be a suitable location to conceal your electronics, effectively keeping them out of sight and out of mind.


Creating an ideal work environment is not easy, and that needs to be acknowledged. There are quite a lot of details to take into account. We have described the main points you need to focus on. They are important for creating an efficient, comfortable, and productive work environment.



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