Nordeon’s New LED Light System for Commercial

Nordeon’s New LED Light System for Commercial

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An Innovative LED Light Line System for Retail, Grocery, Commercial, and Industrial Applications
New Product Introduction: BALDUR — Unique configurable LED light line system combines general lighting with optional accenting for interiors.
SKADI — Versatile accenting spotlights for highlighting of retail and supermarket merchandise for integration within the Baldur LED light line system.
Manufacturer: Nordeon USA, subsidiary of the Nordeon Group
Product Applications: The flexibility of the BALDUR system satisfies a wide range of interior lighting applications. Retail and supermarket applications especially benefit from the ability to combine general illumination and accent lighting into a single platform when incorporating optional SKADI LED spotlights. BALDUR is suitable for retail stores, supermarkets, libraries, clean manufacturing facilities, educational and vocational settings, laboratories, and corporate and institutional offices.
Product Description: BALDUR combines a slender design with optimal flexibility through a selection of luminaire modules, light distributions, system configurations, and mounting options. The trunking system forms the backbone of the BALDUR product line by providing the electrical and mechanical infrastructure, which may be configured into single rows; or square, rectangular, and cross grid patterns tailored to the interior space. They are available in 4’, 8’, and 12’ lengths to satisfy stand-alone installations or extended runs. Multiple trunks connect together with couplers that are automatically included for simplified ordering. Luminaire modules, accent fixtures, and cover plates snap into the trunk using the unique ClickFastTM system. Once installed, the system can be reconfigured without the use of tools by maintenance personnel, a key feature for retail applications.
General Illumination: Energy efficient BALDUR lighting modules are available in 3.7’ or 5.5’ lengths in lumen packages up to 9000 delivered lumens with efficacies up to 125 lumens per watt. Optics include a choice of seven light distributions to satisfy general lighting, wall washing, or aisle lighting requirements. Color temperatures range from warm to cool, and include 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, or 5000K options. Optional dimming, DALI control, and occupancy sensors deliver further energy savings over conventional lighting solutions when integrated into the LED light line system. Emergency battery backup modules are available to provide path of egress illumination.
Accenting for Retail:
SKADI CW (Crisp White) accenting modules produce crisp, white LED illumination, creating impactful illumination of retail merchandise by accentuating the richest whites, vibrant reds, and colors that pop. The SKADI CW modules utilize specialized violet LEDs without UV, virtually eliminating color fading of merchandise, expecially when compared to traditional ceramic metal halide alternatives. Easily integrated into the Baldur light line system, the 2’ modules are equipped with 1 or 2 LED spotlights. The spotlights are available in two lumen packages up to 3000 delivered lumens. Light distributions include narrow, medium, or wide beams. Luminaires are finished to match the trunking units and associated system components.
Accenting for Grocery / Supermarket:
SKADI FOOD accenting modules were specifically developed for the retail food industry to enhance the presentation and appearance of fresh food products. With a warm 3000K color temperature and CRI up to 92, bakery products look delicious and crispy with an emphasis on golden brown coloring; meat appears fresher with an emphasis on the red color spectrum; and fruits and vegetables appear vibrant and fresh.
The BALDUR LED light line system is engineered to provide a two year payback or less when compared to conventional solutions. A variety of mounting brackets completes the system. BALDUR and SKADI are CSA Certified for Dry or Damp locations.
Ordering Information: Literature and specifications for BALDUR or SKADI, or other high-performance indoor lighting products, are available by contacting authorized Nordeon USA independent lighting sales representatives at

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