New Construction Firms Knowing About Asphalt Uses

Roads perform a crucial role in modern society, allowing increased mobility and cheap transportation for people, goods, and services. They remain a key feature of a developed country that continues to drive socio-economic growth. Thanks to the discovery of asphalt that made the road surfaces smooth for motor vehicles. Imagine the inconvenience of driving on a road without it. The dirt, dust, mud surface during the rainy season, and the possible hazards can be stressful.

Today, construction and paving companies prefer asphalt in building roads, playgrounds, parks, driveways, and other paved surfaces. These businesses are aware of its benefits and use in terms of quality construction material. It is no surprise that about 94% of the roads in the US are surfaced with asphalt. Construction firms have common reasons for using asphalt for their projects. Let's find out its uses and advantages in their business.

Provides Safety and Smoother Surface

The best thing about asphalt pavement is the skid resistance it provides to drivers with high contrast in colors allowing a better visual distinction between road markers. It's very beneficial during the winter season as it keeps roads free from ice and snow. The dark color property reduces gleam and melts ice and snow quickly. Thus, minimizing the occurrence of highway crashes and fatalities. The smooth and uniform surface also lessens damage to the pavement, resulting in fewer repairs. Rough and uneven surfaces can diminish driver control and increase fatigue. The friction between vehicle tires and the pavement reduces carbon dioxide emission and better fuel economy.

Faster Project Completions

It is not only economical but also beneficial for clients with surrounding businesses because of minimal traffic disruption. The installation process is quicker, which saves time, and ensures business accessibility to customers sooner than expected. If you own an apartment complex and want to have new asphalt for the parking lot, the estimated time frame to finish the project is usually between 48-72 hours. This explains the prevalence of asphalt pavement in many parking lots, driveway, and roads in the cities of Denver, Englewood, and Aurora, Colorado. The professionals behind a Denver Concrete Company say that since asphalt paving cures quickly, the amount of time it takes to complete the project is substantially less than any other paving job. Once the asphalt is compacted and cooled, the business continues and ready for traffic.

 It is Cost-effective

Studies show that on average, 40-year old asphalt pavement is more economical and cost-effective than its concrete counterparts. The even surfaces and fewer bumps in the road can also reduce the wear and tear of the vehicle, thereby, decreasing its operating costs. If designed properly, asphalt roads may last indefinitely. When a perpetual pavement is designed it only needs periodic maintenance which can be done quickly without causing traffic congestion.

Environmentally Friendly

Asphalt is eco-friendly because it’s 100% recyclable. It is one of America’s greatest renewable resources which requires 20% less energy to manufacture and construct than other pavement materials. Thus, it reduces the need to mine for ore and other new elements and allows us to preserve our natural resources.
The uses and advantages of asphalt can be seen in the major roads and highways in the US. Commercial establishment owners trust this material as it does not require long business disruption. But more importantly, it does not destroy the environment. If used properly, companies will render a lot of growth in an area using asphalt.

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