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MWG Apparel: The New Standard in Durable Clothing

MWG Apparel: The New Standard in Durable Clothing

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Specializing in custom durable professional clothing since 1928, MWG has been the trusted partner for companies across the transmission, oil and gas, construction, mining, and electrical generation industries.

Right from the time of conception, it has aimed to raise the bar for durability and safety. MWG ensures all garments meet standard requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE). The company’s manufacturing methods are based on an understanding that such standards are challenging to interpret.

This is why their safety experts can produce custom clothing that meets specific industry requirements. As you stay safe, MWG’s durable apparel also ensures there’s never a compromise in terms of warmth and comfort.

In this article, we will discuss how MWG is striving to up the ante for durable clothing.

Weaving Together Safety with Durability

MWG believes in introducing safety with every stitch. Through advanced technical design, custom manufacturing, and robust fabrics, the brand produces top-rated apparel for professionals who require PPE

Take a look at their comprehensive collection.

 The Flame-Resistant MWG STORMSHIELD

The MWG STORMSHIELD collection is made of 100% waterproof feature-rich flame-resistant fabric. Under incremental weather conditions, especially when heavy rain and winds are involved, you can rely on this collection’s tear strength (400% above the standard) and arc (200% above the standard).

Also, the fabric’s waterproofing exceeds the standard by almost 100%. This collection brings you a wide range of garments, including overalls, insulated coveralls, bomber shells, rain parka jackets and pants, and lineman’s vests.

The Ultra-Durable MWG RIPGUARD

The MWG’s RIPGUARD collection is all about getting as tough as possible. The fabric used is lightweight but also tightly woven to weather harsh elements. It meets industry standards for durability and performance.

All the overalls, jackets, and utility pants in this galore come with essential details like reinforced pockets, knit lining, and hi-vis reflective tape.  

The Windproof MWG BLOCKER

The winter months in Canada (November to February) are generally freezing cold. With icy winds blowing and the temperature easily falling below – 40◦C, sufficient protection is a must. MWG Apparel brings the winter and windproof MWG BLOCKER hoodie that is inherently fire-resistant.

Along with a hood, cuffs, and a waistband, it offers solid protection against workplace hazards. The dual hazard fleece makes it highly durable, further enhanced by stress point reinforcement. The MWG BLOCKER is available in the form of full-zip and pullover hoodies.                     

The Athletic Touch of MWG FLEXSAFE

In case an additional layer of warmth and protection is needed, the MGW FLEXSAFE is the ideal collection for all such needs. Adding safety to your workwear closet, its pieces will fit comfortably underneath a regular sweatshirt, shirt, or jacket.

Made using 4-way moisture-wicking stretch fabric, the FLEXSAFE collection will offer you complete freedom of movement. In this assemblage, you will find overalls, t-shirts, long johns, boxers, and neck gaiter.

 The Moisture-Wicking MWG COMFORT WEAVE

For those looking for the perfect blend of breathable flame-resistant garments, MWG’s COMFORT WEAVE collection is the ideal choice. With a horde of top and bottom wear to choose from, this assemblage is designed with high-demanding tasks in mind.

The moisture-wicking fabric will keep your skin dry and fresh as you go about your daily routine. The work shirts also come with hi-vis reflective striping with a bright orange backdrop that ensures proper visibility even during the wee hours.

 The Unmatched MWG EVOLUTION

This exclusive collection has evolved to meet modern occupational needs. The MWG’s EVOLUTION features half and full-sleeve t-shirts and sunshades with impressive 11-calorie protection.

The fabric is lightweight without compromising on flame resistance. With quick-drying capabilities, you can easily enjoy comfort and safety all day long.


If there ever was bottom wear that stretched the boundaries of conventional fire-resistant clothing, the MWG FLEXGUARD is it. Made using a stretch canvas of durable nature, this collection seamlessly combines comfort, safety, and style.

The silver-segmented reflective striping glows in the dark and is visible from afar. This way, you get fire-resistant clothing that stretches the boundaries of average industry garb.

 The High-Performing MWG TRANSMISSION

MWG’s TRANSMISSION is a collection that sits in a class of its own. With unmatched technical performance, durability, and comfort, it works just like athletic apparel. Find different options, including balaclava and crew neck tees.

The high-visibility reflective tape is silver-lined and heat-sealed to reduce any unnecessary bulk. The fabric is quick-drying to ensure better heat regulation and no sweat patches. As a result, you can stay fresh under all circumstances.


When breathability and safety are to be prioritized at the same time, MWG’s COTTON COMFORT collection is here to meet both needs. The cotton-rich fire-resistant fabric is prewashed to eliminate shrinkage. The silver-segmented reflective tape is visible at night with a generous fit for all-day-long comfort.

In this collection, you will find a cooler jacket, utility pants, overalls, a pullover hoodie, a button-down shirt, and a crewneck long-sleeve tee.

  On a parting note, the PPE market has a current value of $77.88 billion in 2023 and is expected to become $121.51 billion by 2031. It is growing at a CAGR of 4.7%. MWG is consistently improving its manufacturing practices to make the future of PPE clothing as functional as possible.

The brand sticks by its motto of producing garments that reduce workplace discomfort and comply with all safety standards. 


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