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Must-have Tools for Beginner Home Improvement

Must-have Tools for Beginner Home Improvement

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Inspired by Renovation-Tok, you are now the proud owner of a fixer-upper and eager to embark on your own home improvement journey. There’s just one problem: You don’t own even a hammer to hang a picture.
Fortunately, you can make meaningful updates to your home even at the beginner level. Yet, before you begin, you will need to assemble a few must-have tools, such as:

A Tape Measure

Easily a home renovator’s most-used tool, a tape measure should be constantly employed to check, double-check and triple-check the size and dimensions of different components of a project. It doesn’t matter whether you are making furniture, demolishing a wall or installing a paver patio, you need to have exact measurements on hand, and a tape measure is the best tool for the job. To start, you might need only a 25-foot tape measure, but eventually, you might be using one as long as 100 feet.

A Level

Like a tape measure, a level provides you with invaluable information about your environment. While you might be able to estimate certain measurements, it is entirely impossible to accurately assess level, and even minor mistakes in leveling can result in major errors in finished products. Ideally, you should have levels of various lengths, from tiny torpedo levels to four-foot carpenter’s levels. The larger the level, the more accurate the reading.

A Utility Knife

A blade is extremely practical in-home improvement. Aside from all the packaging you will need to open as you acquire new tools and materials, you will use a utility knife to trim edges, clean up dried paint, score drywall and more. Like many home renovators before you, you are likely to become so attached to your utility knife that you don’t remember a time before you carried it everywhere.

A Putty Knife

Putty knives are becoming increasingly treasured tools thanks to the innovative uses they are seeing across the internet. In addition to the traditional application of a putty knife in applying putty or scraping surfaces clean, you might use a putty knife in any manner of creative works, like oil and acrylic painting.

Pliers, Wrenches, Screwdrivers

It is difficult to imagine that you have made it any years in adulthood without at least a couple screwdrivers in your possession. In addition, you might buy a set of combination wrenches or an adjustable wrench as well as a set of pliers in different shapes and sizes. Then, you should be able to tackle any job that requires any type of opening or closing.

A Power Drill

What takes a power drill a few seconds could take you several hours using a hand drill. Because home renovation involves so much drilling, you need a high-quality power drill that feels comfortable and is easy to use. Fortunately, most battery-powered drills on the market today provide the reliability and intuitiveness that beginner home renovators need.

A Folding Table

You don’t want to be working on a heavy-duty home renovation project on your dining room table. Likewise, kneeling over the ground in your garage or backyard will be horrible on your joints, even if you are young. The best solution is an inexpensive folding table that you can tuck away when you are not actively working on your project. Then, if you accidentally drill into your table, you don’t have to explain the hole every time your in-laws visit.

A Miter Saw

If you are looking to make some home improvements to lower your home insurance, you are likely going to be making serios changes to your home. The first investment you make in more advanced home renovation tools should definitely be a miter saw, which allows you to cut wood at a variety of angles. For smaller projects, you might be able to use a hand saw and a miter box, but eventually, you will want to upgrade to a power miter saw, which is much faster, more powerful and more accurate.

A Hammer

In truth, nails are not terribly common tools in home improvement these days — but still, you should have a hammer on your premises. You will most likely get the most use from a claw hammer, which has a portion for removing tools as well as driving them in. You might also want to invest in a sledgehammer, which can be useful in demolition and landscape work, and a rubber mallet, which is less likely to cause damage when applying force.
Whether you follow the steps outlined in your favorite home renovator’s TikTok or you devise your own home renovation plans, you can rely on the tools listed above to get you through beginner-level home improvement projects.


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