Mezzanines Help Solve Storage with Ecommerce Business

Throughout the past few years, ecommerce sales have exploded worldwide, driven by a shift in buying habits caused by the pandemic. As a result of this astronomical growth, ecommerce businesses have seen ever increasing revenues, but also problems related tostorage and inventory management. 
Now, online retailers, their distributors, and logistics companies are facing the challenge of handling more orders than ever before. Online sales are set to increase another 14% in 2022. 
Consequently, they need effective storage solutions to help them harness existing space to its fullest potential. 
Mezzanines may be the answer. 
Adding a mezzanine floor can save businesses from having to invest in bigger premises, which takes tons of time and massive amounts of capital. They’re a fast and cost-effective way of adding square footage to your existing premises. In addition, mezzanines are extremely flexible and versatile and can easily be reconfigured if your storage needs change. 
For instance, you can use mezzanines to add space for extra inventory storage or additional office space. Other uses for mezzanines include production facilities, showrooms, archive and personal storage, as well as clean rooms and other specialized areas. Mezzanine spaces are easily accessible via an elevator or a flight of stairs. 
One of the major advantages of mezzanines is that they are quick and easy to install, as they are independent of your office’s main structural elements. Adding them will only cause minimal disruptions to your daily operations. 
However, in order to guarantee minimal friction and maximum benefits, it’s important to find a seasoned mezzanine expert to work with. 
Western Industrial, a specialist for mezzanine construction based in the UK, explains how they approach designing and building a mezzanine floor: “We offer a free consultation to assess our clients’ needs and recommend the best options for their space. We then work closely with them, discussing their mezzanine application, deciding on materials, column grid and site conditions for installation. Our aim is to provide clients with the best solution that will also comply with all fire, safety and building regulations legislation.” 
Depending on the height of your premises, you can easily double or even triple your square footage, without having to move to new premises or expand the footprint of your existing ones. 
Overall, there are three main ways in which mezzanines can help ecommerce businesses solve their space issues. 
First, they help you harness your existing space to its maximum potential and thus save you the cost (and headaches) involved in moving to new premises, which would be the alternative. 
Second, they are versatile and can be adjusted to create spaces for whichever uses you need - from storage to packaging areas and office space. 
Third, they are easy to install, with minimal interruptions to your business workflows. 
At the end of the day, mezzanines are a fantastic solution to help your ecommerce business cope with space issues as it continues to grow and expand throughout 2022 and in the coming years. 

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