MEGASLAB®, a concrete technology company based in Marietta, Georgia, has chosen Wayne Brothers as an authorized installer of its engineered concrete system. MEGASLAB® has gained tremendous momentum and has been installed in 13 states across the U.S  
With that number continuing to grow, MEGASLAB® is identifying installers that understand the concrete revolution they have started and share the same commitment to quality and high standards.  
“I’m looking for the best of the best in concrete construction to further my vision to provide the ultimate in high-performance concrete to end-users who so desperately need the functionality, cost-effectiveness, and durability of MEGASLAB®, and I found just that in Wayne Brothers," said Jason Adams, President and CEO of MEGASLAB®.” 
MEGASLAB® is growing its network of authorized installers, looking for more partners to install the product. MEGASLAB® not only provides the strongest and most durable concrete available, but it can also lower CO2 by up to 50%. Any business or industry that uses concrete can benefit from MEGASLAB®, from heavy equipment, E-commerce, food & beverage, manufacturing, intermodal, ports, and waste management.  
The revolutionary product has already become the material of choice for Caterpillar dealerships for its unmatched strength and durability. Chad Hensley, P.E., EVP of Business Management at Wayne Brothers, explains why MEGASLAB is a solution they offer to many clients, “We do a lot of heavy industrial concrete work, and our clients are rough on their floor slabs. We knew between the reduced shrinkage, joint reduction, and the toughness of the concrete itself, the finished product is so much better that it’s going to take over the industry.” One of Wayne Brothers’ first installations was at a Carolina CAT facility where it is already proving concept and value.
Added Adams: “It’s not just about finding partners. It’s about empowering those companies to change the world by putting a superior product and proven technology in their hands. That bold initiative is captured in our tagline, ‘Build a Revolution.’ With Wayne Brothers now added as an authorized installer, that revolution just grew much stronger.” 
MEGASLAB® is a concrete technology company based in Marietta, Georgia, that is “Building a Revolution.” Their engineered concrete system provides unmatched strength and durability, dramatically reducing maintenance and joint usage, as well as carbon emissions. In short, it changes everything about how we use and think about the second most consumed substance on the planet – concrete. 
About Wayne Brothers Companies 
Wayne Brothers, a design-build specialty contractor, provides geotechnical solutions, civil and infrastructure, turnkey concrete, process integration, and equipment rigging and installation throughout the Southeast. Utilizing over 35 years of building experience, coupled with in-house engineering, they develop projects from the ground up to the anchor bolts. 

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