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Matching Kitchen and Living Room: Expert Opinions?

Matching Kitchen and Living Room: Expert Opinions?

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When talking home design colours and schemes, one of the most trustworthy sources of inspiration and advice are the expert designers themselves, for who knows better how to craft a flawless space than them?! 

Funnily enough, there is a topic that splits home designers into two camps, namely colour assortment. Moreover, the hues that should be displayed in the kitchen and their overall collaboration with the nuances of the living room are heavily weighed. Suppose you want a greyish kitchen that hides dirt well but a snow-white living room that visually expands its space. Then, a said aesthetic coherence in terms of colours may seem complicated, if not improbable, to long for. 

Opinions are thrown around a lot, but the truth doesn’t seem to be universal. Instead, there are numerous factors that, once combined, can tell if a matchy-matchy colour scheme actually contemplates an open or closed kitchen or if two different hue palettes would work well in an open kitchen that looks torn from the living room. Let’s see what designers know that we don’t!

Many point to the single flooring model as the key to colour cohesion 

A single thread of flooring covering the path from the kitchen to the living room can work wonders that you may not have imagined, both in terms of colour and style cohesion and in terms of budgetary goals. Add the time saved when you have a flooring project that covers two rooms at once, and you’re in for a successful aesthetic cohesion surface. 

Of course, you’ll have to look for flooring that caters to the needs of those cooking in the kitchen, as well as the wants of those laying on the sofa in front of the TV. But, as long as your flooring is water-resistant, low-maintenance, qualitative, sleekly-looking, and dirt-friendly, why would living room attendants be saddened? Similarly, as long as the kitchen looks excellent in a modern, bare living room, what are the chances that it won’t fit in the kitchen, which is usually jam-packed and dynamic? 

Installing kitchen flooring through the lounge may aesthetically connect two different areas, mainly if we talk open plans. Consequently, for distinct chambers, this model may only do the trick if similar flooring goes throughout the whole floor area. 

It’s probably one of the most straightforward and stylish ways to build an overall cohesive feel, suiting the peculiarities of each room. Wooden flooring, for instance, is one of the most versatile and popular options for such a project, so you can confidently look into this sector if you want to connect an open-plan kitchen/living room. 

Accent hues for colour bonding seem to work wonders 

Colour bonding can indeed be a thing if you think about how different hues impact the feel of the surrounding ones. Say you’ll have some fiery, flashy red ottomans in an entirely-white room; then what will stick to your retina and visual memory for days on end? Indeed, it’s not the sofa’s off-white polypropylene covering. 

Kitchens hide the most potential to set the tone in the dwelling, which is even more accurate if you have an open space room connecting with your living room. The possibilities to play with colours are endless as long as you stick to a pre-established scheme that revolves around a staple hue. Afterwards, you can opt for your favourite harmonic accents, like metallic accents, without worrying about too much contrast between rooms. The units chosen must cohesively style the space while offering flexibility in design and quality in material, so you won’t stress about placing cabinetry pieces in areas that will deteriorate them ahead of time. 

By scrolling around, you’ll see that you’re offered a temptingly wide range of choices in terms of style, colour, material, functionality, and more, such as the super popular luxury shaker style, matte textured assemblages, or up-to-the-minute handleless units. Take a look at how South Coast kitchens improve the entire home’s aesthetics to get an idea of how you want your rooms to impact each other. With today’s broad variety of kitchens and living rooms in the marketplace, it becomes only a matter of finding the assemblage that will best suit your preferences.

Design objects and accessories weigh more than one would think

After all the furnishing in the kitchen and living room is done, or even well before commencing this project, some elements have more significance and power to shape a space than most homeowners think. Suppose you’d instead invest in other priorities on your checklist this year, but long to bring some coherency and visual glueyness to your home’s main rooms. In that case, there might be ways to accomplish more objectives within a tight budget frame. 

Design objects are incomparably beautifying a home, and when it comes to the kitchen, the possibilities are boundless with some eating utensils, crockery, cooking pots, flower pots, colanders, ceramics, and even gadgets. The market abounds in kitchen accessories that can serve both functionality and style, which applies to the living room, too. 

Due to your sought-after fusion of materials and colours and the proper positioning of the suitable elements, you may see that your desired inimitable ambience aligning with your personal taste was more straightforward to achieve than you’d thought. By becoming able to create a lasting impression on all visitors, including the pickiest ones, you’ll see how some twists and additions change the face and feel of your entire dwelling. 

If the kitchen and living room should match comes down to the homeowner in question

Say you’re down to spending a little on blending these two critical rooms, for it’s an investment that can only increase the value of your home if it’s done cohesively. Then, you need to choose some complementary colours that will diminish the visual gap between the two spaces while not squeezing the space. 

Think carefully about a colour that will feature in your kitchen’s walls or cabinets, then have it dominate your living space. Afterwards, you can opt for matchy-matchy hardware and flooring across both rooms in varying degrees to interblend and delineate them simultaneously.

Last but not least, select the accent colours that will fuse with all the other hues. This stylistic undertaking differs from homeowner to homeowner, making the journey all the more satisfying. 

How do you feel about a varying degree of coherence and blending in your living room and kitchen space? Do you find such layouts dull or attractive?

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