Master Builders Solutions Anchoring & Crack Repair

For over 100 years, Master Builders Solutions has been providing advanced chemical results for construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. These new MasterEmaco adhesives are specially designed to provide long-lasting performance in all these applications.

They are designed for both ease of use and reducing installation time (fast curing), strong adhesion for long-lasting performance and aesthetics, and durability for the most demanding requirements.

The key features and benefits of the new MasterEmaco products:

MasterEmaco ADH 501
o Non-shrink epoxy resin binder for mortar repair, patching and overlay of interior surfaces including aggregate. Designed for installation in damp conditions.

  • Acceptable for use in USDA inspected facilities and UL certified for drinking water systems.
  • Ideal for overhead and vertical repairs.

MasterEmaco ADH 502

  • Rapid cure time for structural repair of concrete cracks.
  • Anchors bolts, dowels, and reinforcing bars, even in under-water environments.
  • Acceptable for use in USDA inspected facilities and UL certified for drinking water systems.

MasterEmaco ADH 610

  • High bond strengths, wide service temperature range and moisture resistant (install and cure in water saturated environments).
  • Bonding agent for fresh concrete to hardened concrete and hardened concrete to hardened concrete.
  • Short term tensile anchoring and shear loading conditions in accordance with allowable stress design (ASD)

MasterEmaco ADH 612

  • Resists static, wind, and earthquake loading in tension and shear.
  • Anchoring in all seasons, for dry and water-saturated concrete conditions. Withstands freeze and thaw conditions.
  • Vertical, horizontal, and overhead installations.
  • Certified - Drinking Water System Components (NSF/ANSI 61) Joining and Sealing

MasterEmaco ADH 500

  • A crack-kit with everything needed for the repair of cracks, spalls & broken concrete, including MasterEmaco ADH 501 and 502, nozzles, applicators, tubing, injection ports and caps.

“Like our other MasterEmaco bonding products, these additions to that brand are perfect for areas where high (and quick) strength is required for rapid return to service.” said Business Manager, Ken Calautti. “Whether the customer needs to fix a crack in the sidewalk, or anchor steel columns to resist earthquake shears, these additions to the MasterEmaco family of anchoring and crack repair formulations are designed for needs big and small, commercial and residential.”

For more information, please contact your Master Builders Solutions sales representative.

About Master Builders Solutions
Under the global umbrella brand Master Builders Solutions, we offer advanced chemical solutions for the construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. The brand is built on more than 100 years of experience in the construction industry. Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses concrete admixtures, cement additives, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing systems, sealants, concrete repair & protection systems, performance grouts, and performance flooring systems. To solve our customers’ specific construction challenges from conception through to completion of a project, we draw on our specialist know-how, regional expertise and the experience gained in countless constructions projects worldwide. We leverage global technologies, and our in-depth knowledge of local building needs to develop innovations that help make our customers more successful and drive sustainable construction. We operate production sites and sales offices in more than 60 countries.

About MBCC Group
The MBCC Group is one of the leading suppliers of construction chemicals and solutions worldwide and has emerged from the carve-out of the former BASF Construction Chemicals business from BASF Group. We offer innovative and sustainable products and solutions for the construction industry across different sectors, such as buildings, structures, underground construction, new construction, as well as for renovation. Our strong brands Master Builders Solutions®, PCI®, Thermotek®, Wolman®, Fire Protectors®, Colorbiotics®, Watson Bowman Acme®, TPH® and Bluey® are well established in the marketplace. With our innovations, we address sustainability challenges in the industry. MBCC Group consists of approximately 70 legal entities worldwide and is home to around 7,500 construction experts in over 60 countries. For more information go to:

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