Livestreams, AR, VR: Technologies In R/E Business


If you have a real estate business, taking advantage of all the modern technology available to you is crucial to be able to stay on top and not fall behind the competitors. Technologies such as AR and VR have already impacted various industries and are also transforming construction and real estate industries. Make use of these technologies to position yourself as an innovative business and increase your chances of selling your properties. From property videos streamed live to virtual reality showings and augmented reality applications, these tools will help you make the sale.  

Virtual experiences and their gaming origins  

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been buzzwords already for a while. They have gained popularity through the gaming industry, which they have had a massive impact on in recent years. Modern game developers continuously strive to create ever-more immersive experiences for players to let them jump head-first into the games. While several companies tried to bring VR to the masses in the last few decades, it wasn’t until the 2010s that VR glasses made their way into many players’ living rooms. Nowadays, a great variety of affordable high-tech VR glasses are available while new VR games are being released regularly, with hit games such as Skyrim VR, Beat Saber, and Half-Life: Alyx allowing gamers to step into the third dimension and get fully immersed in the game worlds. 
While VR allows for full immersion, other immersive experiences have gained popularity over the years, too. For instance, by making use of livestreaming technology, new gaming experiences are being created. Many escape room providers stream their escape games live to players’ screens to offer a remote live escape game experience around the world. Similarly, online casinos are creating an immersive casino experience by making use of livestreams. Nowadays, many of the best-rated platforms have a live casino that connects players with a real dealer via a livestream, offering a lifelike playing experience. Technologies such as these now have widespread use and are also a great tool for real estate businesses.  

Virtual walkthroughs using livestreams and VR 

Using livestreams and virtual reality doesn’t just create immersive gaming experiences, it can also help you show your properties to potential buyers in a more lifelike way long before meeting for a showing in person. For instance, if the potential buyer is in another city, you can help them skim out the listings and give them a realistic first impression of a building without having to travel there. Livestreams can be especially handy for remote walkthroughs. If you’re at the property, you can guide the potential buyer through the place using a video and answer any questions in real-time. This will allow the buyer to get a better first look than pictures would allow. 
VR would be a step up from this and let you show your property to potential buyers in virtual reality. This is best done if the client comes to your office, which has the needed equipment and software to let them walk through the property virtually with a VR headset on. This is even more immersive than a livestream and offers a plethora of additional advantages. For instance, it is a great tool to show buyers a property that isn’t even finished yet to let them see it the way it will look once it’s done. Furthermore, you can customize the rooms according to the customer’s needs. Instead of fully staging a property, you can simply do it virtually using virtual reality.  

At the property: Personalized experiences using AR 

Augmented reality is a powerful tool that can be used during a property showing. With the right AR software on your mobile device, you can help buyers visualize different setups within a certain room or area by creating it digitally. It could work similarly to how the IKEA Place app lets customers place products in their own space to see what they would look like before buying. While showing a property, you can “place” furniture, “paint” walls, and showcase different layouts digitally to help the buyer visualize what the space could look like.  
Let buyers see a property remotely, offer a virtual walkthrough in VR, or customize your property showings with AR – modern technology can be immensely powerful and help your real estate business make sales.  

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