Lawn Mowing Tips For Homeowners

Lawn Mowing Tips For Homeowners

Lawn mowing is a dreaded chore for some, and a peaceful meditative exercise for others. Most people mow their lawns on autopilot, with very little consideration for the tools or techniques involved. Lawn service companies that send out professionals to mow lawns are an increasingly popular option. A little extra knowledge of lawns and lawn mowers will help you cultivate a healthy emerald green lawn that will accentuate the beauty of your yard.
Best Practices for Your Operating Lawn Mower
Kitchen knives, hair cutting shears, and lawn mower blades are all best kept sharp. Sharp lawn mower blades reduce sloppy cuts, which will ensure that the root system of your lawn remains healthy. Sharpening your mower blade once a year is generally sufficient. A yearly mower tune up is an excellent way to promote optimal mower performance. Always make sure your mower has adequate fuel prior to powering it up.
Most grass types benefit from the highest mower power setting. There are a few exceptions, such as bermuda grass---which is best mowed with a mower on a low power setting. Knowing your grass type and washing your mower after each use so that it doesn't get clogged are two of the important steps in cultivating a luscious lawn.
Best Practices for Mowing Your Lawn
If you mow your lawn on the same day every week, you may want to considering alternating your mowing schedule. A staggered mowing schedule promotes a heathier lawn. Mow more often in the warmer months when your lawn is growing at a faster rate, and less often when the weather cools down. Cutting about 1/3 of the length of the grass blade is generally considered the be the optimal cut when mowing the lawn. An extreme mow that cuts the grass too short can stunt the growth of your lawn.
If your grass appears to lean in one direction, it may be because you haven't varied your mowing pattern. Mowing in the same pattern week after week coaxes the grass to grow in the direction that you are mowing it. Leaving your grass clippings scattered on your lawn may seem like an oversight, but lawn clippings can actually serve as a vital fertilizer that will perk up your lawn.
Mowing your lawn when it is dry will result in a more balanced cut. Considering mowing in the evening to escape the searing heat of the day. Mowing later in the day will generally lock out in just the right amount of moisture, if there hasn't been any rain or sprinkler activity.
Mowing your lawn with a little extra attention and care will produce awe inspiring results. The Lawn Institute offers some excellent advice for growing and maintaining a vibrant lawn. A few simple lawn mowing tips can turn a tiresome chore into a more enjoyable activity that will brighten up your yard and make your grass less prone to damage from insects, weeds, and fungus. Lawn mowing may even become the highlight of your week.

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