Kirei Unveils the Geo Collection for Kirei Ink, Customizable Prints for Acoustic Panels

Kirei, a provider of innovative, eco-friendly design materials for commercial interiors, announces the launch of the Geo Collection for Kirei Ink, custom-printed acoustic recycled PET panels and products that speak volumes without making a sound.

From big and bold geometric repeats to tranquil gradients and ombrés, the Kirei Ink Geo Collection’s mid-mod-inspired print patterns bring life to any space. Designers can choose from ten print options — Hyperspace, Halftone, Linear Life, Big Fuzzy Dots, Vertical Gradient, Venetian, Horizontal Gradient, Maze, Mod Squircles, and Trenches — to add vibrancy or tranquility to any interior space while reducing noise. Each print pattern is available in three unique colors.

“There is a deep history of bold geometric repeats in interior design from ancient Greece to 20th century Chicago,” says Michael DiTullo, an independent designer and creative director for Kirei Ink. “With the Kirei Ink Geo Collection, I wanted to show how we could push geometric-inspired patterns with new technology and materials. We set out to create a wide variety of prints that help inspire designers to create unique looks that push the limits of design without sacrificing acoustic performance.”

Kirei Ink is 100% customizable and printed in-house so that any print can be applied to Kirei’s products, including baffles, clouds, wall tiles, and more. Kirei Ink’s customization gives designers endless possibilities – from solid custom colors and patterns to wayfinding and logos – to reduce noise in any interior space in thoughtful new ways. The Geo Collection is the third of four collections launched as a part of Kirei Ink.

Kirei Ink is printed on PET felt panels made from 60% post-consumer recycled PET with numerous environmental certifications, including Declare Label (Red List Free), HPD, and Low-VOC. Kirei Ink panels are printed using water-soluble, Greenguard-certified PROGRAPHIC® UV ink. The LED inks contain less than .03% volatile organic compounds, are void of heavy metals, and contain up to 50% monomers and oligomers naturally derived from renewable resources, such as plants and biomass. Kirei Ink panels are manufactured to abut with no trimming.

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About Kirei

Kirei designs and manufactures iconic architectural design elements that improve the acoustics and functionality of any room. Since 2002, the company has worked with interior designers, architects, contractors, and end users across North America to help them create elegant, healthy spaces to live, work and play. Their products are easy to understand, specify and install, and are made from recycled materials. Kirei’s mission to “Inspire a Beautiful World” is seen through its commitment to sustainable materials and innovative design. Kirei is a Carnegie company.

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