Key Advice When Re-doing Home Office & Lighting

remodeling or revamping a space is necessary, at times even unavoidable. If you observe ways in which an area can be enhanced, go for it. If your employees have complained enough to catch your attention then start the necessary changes as soon as possible. You have an inkling that your home could be more inviting and captivating with a few tweaks, don’t resist the urge.

The changes and upgrades should definitely include the lighting. Placing lights and changing lights might appear to be a no-brainer task, a job that can be done largely without too much thought. But depending on the space, certain considerations should be taken. In large measure, however, many concepts which apply to your home lighting will also apply to your work lighting.

Using Natural Light To The Fullest

If your space boasts many windows, thank your lucky stars. This reduces your need for artificial light, especially during the day. Make the most of it. Try not to place a sofa or desk right up against the windowpane, blocking some or all of that natural light. Better yet, position your furniture and plants strategically around your windows.
Your work desk, computer, or television is best placed in a north or south position to ensure that at no time of the day will the sun cast shadows or glares that could disturb and irritate you. Also, blinds can be utilized to disrupt any harsh beams that may assault you.

Choose The Best Type Of Bulb

LED bulbs are nothing new, but they’re continually picking up interest worldwide. Here are the main reasons to select such a bulb instead of any other. They are the most energy-efficient lights on the market. This means they give bright light but use less electricity in producing that result. One LED bulb costs two times more than a compact fluorescent bulb but lasts approximately twenty thousand more hours. Do the math. The savings you make switching to LED is astounding.

Keep The Task In Mind

When undertaking more intensive jobs, a light fixture that casts direct light onto that work surface is best. Writing a report, creating an architectural design, sewing, using your computer, or painting, a focused stream of light is imperative. Being able to clearly see every detail with no squinting is the ideal situation. Snag a flexible and adjustable LED desk lamp for the task.
In office spaces where ceilings are high, be sure to choose lights that are not too bright. Furthermore, be cognizant of where such lights are placed. Never place these lights directly overhead any employee desk. Avoid perpetuating instances where improper fluorescent lighting can lead to headaches and migraines. Not only will that make you legally responsible for the health issues of your employees, but your company will also suffer if the workers are not able to perform. Make the switch to LED tube lights which reduce the likelihood of producing glares and shadows. Different hues are available but best suited for office spaces are those of a cool white temperature. Be sure to select the appropriate sizes by carefully reading labels or measuring the tube’s diameter.

Proper Placement Is Key

Light has a proven impact on the health of an individual based on the level of exposure and time of day exposure. Sunlight and blue lights, like LEDs, are beneficial during the day as they promote wakefulness, activity, focus, and improved mood. However, exposure to all artificial lights should be decreased during the night so as to not throw off your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Therefore, it would serve to regulate where certain lights are placed and keep in mind that although ambient lights, task lights, accent lights all serve a useful purpose, they should be tempered at night.
Work desks with task lights ideally should not be in the bedroom space. Lights that cannot be dimmed should also be avoided in that space. Abstain from sleeping with the lights on as this can disrupt your body’s natural progression through the different phases of sleep.

So when approaching your home or office space with the intention to upgrade, or remodel, keep these tips in mind. Nature is your friend and when she smiles on you with sunlight, accept it as a gift. Your choice of bulb will either bring you great satisfaction in the immediate and long term or serious distress and frustration. Based on what you’re doing, a more direct source of light is necessary but when it comes to sleeping, just like all bets are off, all artificial light should be too.

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