Keeping the Warehouse Floor Clean: Top Do’s & Don’ts

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Maintenance is indispensable in ensuring work safety in a warehouse. Working in a hazardous environment will indirectly affect workers and the revenue generation of the business. For this reason, you have to keep your warehouse floor clean to attract more customers.
Do you know the dos and don'ts of keeping a warehouse floor clean? Read this article to learn more.

  • Start by creating a cleaning plan

Drawing a cleaning plan is essential for cleaning large and complex warehouses. It is also essential for effective cleaning of warehouses' floors and for maximal productivity of cleaning hours.
To effectively draw a cleaning plan, you must include your cleaning process, the type of cleaning materials and supplies, and how you want to clean the floor. For instance, you can distribute workers to different warehouse sections to prevent bumping into each other. You can also use a "clean-as-you-go" strategy to prevent the pile of work during cleaning hours.  

  • Sweep the floor before scrubbing

Dirt found in a warehouse is often loose dirt and particles, and they can make the floor look dirty. To reduce the amount of dirt on the floor, you must sweep it before using an automatic floor scrubber
Sweeping with a broom before scrubbing helps to aid and prevent the entrance of loose dirt into an automatic scrubber. However, entering dirt into an automatic scrubber will impair the machine's performance, thereby reducing its cleaning performance and leaving your floor dirty. 

  • Use the appropriate cleaning equipment 

You cannot sideline the place of appropriate instruments for efficient duties. In this case, the appropriate cleaning equipment is an automatic floor scrubber, sponge, broom, squeezers, etc. 
The broom is used to reduce dirt on the floor, and the automatic scrubber thoroughly removes dirt from the floor. Meanwhile, squeezers and mops help to reduce dampness on the floor, which can cause accidents in the warehouse. Therefore, this equipment must be kept near for easy access to workers. So, workers can clean dirt as they work or clean them after work hours, depending on your business, but a dry and safe place for work must be ensured. 

  • Plan a cleaning schedule

The essence of planning a cleaning schedule is to manage the resources and keep track of the maintenance activities in the warehouse. Also, planning a cleaning schedule helps to separate work hours from cleaning hours to provide room for massive work production. 
Cleaning schedules can be weekly, monthly, or bimonthly depending on the type of goods in your store. For goods with a long shelf life, you can clean the warehouse floors less frequently than those with a short shelf life.

  • Never run out of cleaning appliances.

Cleaning supplies are necessary for regular cleaning in a warehouse, and a standard warehouse must never run out of supplies. To help you never to run out of supplies, ensure you stock up on your supplies some days before the cleaning day. For example, it is not advisable to stock up on cleaning appliances on the day you will be cleaning.

  • Hire cleaners to clean the floor

Although workers keep the warehouse tidy and follow the "clean-as-you-go" rule, they do not clean the warehouse floors better than professionals. For this reason, we strongly advise that you hire professional cleaners to clean your warehouse floor.
Hiring the services of professional cleaners affords more time for workers. So, they spend more time working than cleaning the warehouse floors. Also, professional cleaners are best equipped with experience to counter different stains on the floor. 

The Benefit of Cleaning a warehouse floor:

  • Health Benefits

For a surety, cleaning your warehouse floor reduces health implications resulting from allergies to dirt. However, this dirt flies around if accumulated, which can aggravate if you use manual cleaning tools. So, it is best to use automatic tools as they will scrub the floor better and trap dirt and particles that can cause allergies.

  • Cost Benefits 

When you clean your warehouse floor, you reduce medical leave costs and save the company money for other expenses. Also, when you clean your warehouse floor, you ensure safety in the warehouse and eliminate the chances of accidents.

  • Environmental Benefits

Having a clean warehouse floor makes your workplace attractive to customers as customers are more attracted to businesses with ethical cleaning routines. A clean floor also puts workers at their best and increases the company's value for intending workers and clients. 

  • Reputation Benefits

There is a required standard by the state and the federal government on warehouse neatness. Constant cleaning and maintenance of the warehouse floor save you the reputational embarrassment of not meeting the inspection standard. 

To Wrap It Up:

Floor cleaning can be done efficiently when you hire professional services. A professional service will use automated scrubbers and sweepers to give your floor an entirely new look.

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