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Is It Healthy For Pregnant Ladies To Consume HHC?

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Is It Healthy For Pregnant Ladies To Consume HHC?

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The cannabinoid market has significantly expanded in the past few years. The product has emerged in a range of other forms. One such form of cannabinoid is HHC (hydroxy-hexahydro cannabinol). This drug is a derivative of THC cannabinoids obtained from cannabis plants.

HHC is one of the many cannabinoids of the marijuana plant and recently it has been gaining a lot of attention because of its uses and benefits. If you are interested in exploring this by-product, read this guide on what is hhc by Area 52 to know more.

What is HHC?

HHC is known to produce effects similar to various drug compounds having THC. People are currently using it for recreational and self-medicating purposes. However, its full medicinal potential is yet to be studied in detail. 

HHC is manufactured after hydrogenating the THC compound obtained from cannabis plants. It also possesses psychoactive properties. Thus, it can produce effects similar to THC and several other cannabinoids. It also stays fresh and fit for consumption longer than THC. Its potency levels lie between those of the compounds Delta 8 and 9. HHC offers a range of health and wellness benefits. However, even considering the limited research on HHC, it is reported that its overuse can result in the same dangerous side effects as THC. It also falls in a grey area when we consider its legality. Moreover, there have been mixed reports about its appearance in drug tests. 

All About HHC 

HHC is an acronym for hydroxy-hexahydro cannabinol. It is derived from the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) compound and is organically extracted from hemp plants like CBD. HHC compound is created by the hydrogenation process, which is the addition of hydrogen atoms for saturating THC molecules. One advantage that it offers over Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC is staying undetected when its consumer is drug tested for marijuana. 

Thus, it is a more stable form of THC and offers a higher yield and better heat resistance. Roger Adams, a scientist studying the Delta-9 THC compound, was the first to formulate HHC in the mid-1900s.  

The most significant con of THC is that in its unprocessed and unaltered natural form, it can degrade quickly. The double bonds inside it break, and this results in reduced effectiveness. Moreover, it slowly turns into cannabinol after getting exposed to air for a considerable time. Cannabinol only possesses a 1/10th potency as compared to THC.  

The hydrogenation process for making it from THC prolongs its shelf life considerably. Its hydrogen constituent also makes it more immune to natural degradation. Consequently, natural phenomena like solar damage and oxidation are less likely to destroy it.  

Benefits of Consuming HHC 

It is primarily used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Consuming it in acceptable doses provides benefits such as an increased heartbeat, a sense of euphoria, calmness, mood changes, increased body temperature, clarity in thoughts, increased energy, pain relief, and relaxation of muscles. Several consumers have also reported that the effects of HHC are similar to Delta-8 and various other cannabinoid compounds. As HHC is a chemically altered compound, some of its properties and benefits remain unexplored. As it is a chemically altered compound, some aspects of HHC still need to be researched. But till now, most people have consumed it for its therapeutic benefits. 

What Are the Medical Uses Of HHC? 

Currently, no medical professional will prescribe you HHC because the compound has not yet been authorized for treating any psychological or medical condition. However, it is still widely used as self-medication and for deriving its recreational benefits. 

Almost all cannabis drugs (including HHC) offer benefits like relieving pain, lessening inflammation, reducing anxiety and stress, controlling nausea and vomiting, relaxing muscles, increasing appetite, and boosting metabolism. Moreover, it can also help improve your mood. It can also treat mental health conditions like anxiety and bipolar disorders. It can even enhance your sleep quality by relieving the pain and tension in your muscles. It can also help you relax by inducing the release of happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. 

What Are the Side Effects Of HHC? 

There have been many speculations about the adverse effects of HHC on the body. But there is a lack of scientific research to confirm anything because the compound is still new in the cannabis world. It would be helpful to keep in mind that all cannabinoids, including HHC, can harm your health when consumed in excess. 

However, initial reports have confirmed that the adverse effects of overdosing on it are similar to THC. You can experience dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, dry mouth, insomnia, low blood pressure, increased or decreased heartbeat, lack of coordination, red eyes, hallucinations, confusion, agitation, unclear and messy thoughts, chest pain, and even short-term memory loss. These dangerous side effects can either be experienced when you are a new user or after some time. You can also face them if the HHC you consume reacts with your other medications or impacts the medical conditions you already have. 

Is It Safe to Use HHC During Pregnancy? 

Pregnancy is a joyous and beautiful stage of life. But it can also make you feel uncomfortable and result in morning sickness, swelling in breasts, gaining weight, swelling in joints, stretching of ligaments, muscle pain, migraines, and mood swings. HHC is indeed known to help with some of these symptoms, such as improving mood and relieving pain. No studies have yet been conducted to determine if it is safe for pregnant women to consume HHC. 

It can be risky to consume it when you are pregnant because of the social and legal ramifications that you might face. Firstly, it is still in the grey area about its legal consumption, and the FDA has not yet approved it. Additionally, several pregnant women don’t consume it because they fear it might get detected during their drug tests. Lastly, due to the insufficient information about its safety and the potential risk of overdose- we recommend that both pregnant women and nursing mothers avoid it as it may harm them or their babies. Even though there is no proof that it may harm you if you are pregnant, exercising caution won’t hurt anyone. 


It is a relatively new drug in the cannabis market. And even though it can potentially offer considerable medical and health benefits- the lack of reliable and detailed research on the compound is a significant drawback. Hopefully, things will change in the future, and there will be reliable data to ease the mind of its consumers- especially pregnant women. 


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