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Investing in Ag Steel Buildings: Key Considerations

Investing in Ag Steel Buildings: Key Considerations

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Adding an outbuilding to your agricultural property doesn’t need to mean committing to a lengthy and expensive construction process. Agricultural steel buildings for sale are usually pre-engineered, so they’re easy to assemble and can often be ready to use the day they arrive. These structures are a solid investment in your business, protecting animals and produce while minimizing energy usage. Reducing energy bills and inventory loss saves money, which can offset the installation cost of a new outbuilding. Because they last so long with minimal maintenance, steel buildings are more cost-efficient over time than other materials.

Why Are Steel Buildings So Popular?

Steel buildings are growing in popularity because they provide multiple solutions that farmers and agricultural property owners are looking for. First, they’re durable and low-maintenance. Steel buildings can last for 50 to 100 years with minimal steps like washing the walls and checking on the insulation. Steel walls and roofing are easy to clean and disinfect, which can be essential in some agricultural environments. They’re not vulnerable to mold, mildew, fire, or corrosion. Steel also stands up to harsh weather like wind, rain, and hail much better than other materials can. Steel itself provides good insulation, which reduces heating and cooling costs. The longevity and energy savings make steel buildings well worth the price.

Steel Reduces Costs With Insulation

One of the major benefits of steel is the excellent insulation it provides, and insulation provides value in multiple ways. First, better insulation prevents heat transfer to keep the space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This means it will require less heating and cooling, which is both less expensive and more eco-friendly. In addition, insulation helps control noise transfer. Agricultural activities can be loud, and keeping noisy animals or equipment in an insulated space can keep this noise from disrupting the rest of the property.

Good insulation also protects animals, produce, and equipment. During rain or extreme hot or cold weather, animals are at risk of frostbite, heatstroke, or other illnesses. Keeping them inside in a well-insulated building can protect them from environmental hazards and natural predators. Insulated produce storage is also important for freshness. Steel buildings can keep produce fresh without requiring as much air conditioning as traditional building styles. Modern farming technology and genetically modified crops can contribute to higher crop yields, which means reliable and affordable storage can bring significant cost savings.

Finally, steel buildings provide a secure place to store and protect equipment. Even the most basic equipment for a small farm can be worth over $700,000, so taking care of this investment is essential. Combining great insulation with flexibility in design and layout means that agricultural steel buildings are an excellent place to keep equipment organized and away from the elements.

Steel Buildings Offer Design Flexibility

Because agricultural steel buildings are so easy to set up, they’re also easy to customize to fit your property’s needs. Steel buildings are extremely versatile and can work well as barns, garages, workshops, or whatever else your agricultural property needs. While these structures are usually pre-engineered, the size, layout, and other features can still be adjusted to your needs before the structure is shipped. They can also be updated over time to adapt to any changes that develop.

Both the interior and exterior of a steel building can be tailored to your specifications. You can design a size and space that works with the site you’ve chosen, even if it has irregularities like a slope or uneven ground. This can include hydraulic or bifold doors that allow you to drive larger equipment into the building without removing pieces or attachments.

Inside, steel buildings can easily be customized to form a large open space, lots of small sections, or anything in between. Walls and dividers can form individual workshops or create a mixed-use building with designated spaces for livestock and equipment storage. Steel buildings are also relatively easy to remodel, which means you can update the space as your needs change without needing an expensive renovation.

How Are Agricultural Steel Buildings Better Than Traditional Builds?

Agricultural steel buildings are a much better fit for most farmers’ needs than traditional builds, and the market reflects that. The Metal Construction Association estimates that metal walls and roofing made up 87% of the agricultural market between 2019 and 2023, making it by far the most popular option. Steel buildings provide better insulation than traditional materials, which saves energy while keeping produce fresh and animals healthy. They’re also long-lasting and low-maintenance, which minimizes the long-term cost


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