Interview with Secop Group CEO – Secop’s plans and perspectives in the medical business area

In a recent interview, Secop CEO Jan Ehlers shared insights about the company's industry-lead technology, offered expertise on the current marketplace and provided an overall outlook.

What innovative solutions are you developing for medical applications? 

For stationary and mobile applications, we are developing new cooling units for ultra-low temperature area, designed with a cascade of latest generation electronic controlled compressors, to guarantee our partners a green and low energy consumption solution with premium control interface. 

 How low is ultra-low? 

We are talking about a temperature range from -70° to -86° Celsius. 

What is your answer with regards to transportation of temperature-sensitive medical goods? 

For cold chain transportation we have developed the innovate ULT cooling unit, a technology for an ultra-low temperature cooling box, a system optimized for the last mile of distribution for the new generations of vaccines, even in severe ambient conditions such as in tropical regions. 

 Which relevance does the cooperation with B Medical Systems have for Secop’s medical strategy? 

Secop announced in October 2022 a joint development agreement (JDA) with B Medical Systems, a global leader in vaccine cold chain solutions and a leading manufacturer of medical cold chain solutions. The scope of the agreement is to develop solutions for a new generation of medical transport boxes to safely store and transport vaccines, biospecimens, and other temperature-sensitive specimens at ultra-low temperatures even in locations with tropical ambient conditions. 

 How relevant has been the role of the COVID-19 pandemic on Secop’s product developments? 

It has played a significant role without being the only driver: The pandemic, the rise in the adoption of mRNA technology, the development of several extremely temperature-sensitive vaccines, the growing prominence of Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT), and more, have resulted in an ever-increasing demand for reliable ultra-low temperature medical cold chain solutions. 

The cooperation of Secop and B Medical Systems aim to offer a reliable and effective medical cold chain solution through an active box unit designed with a cascade compressor system, specifically designed to reach ultra-low temperatures even in tropical ambient conditions. 

 How do you enable stable ultra-low temperatures under extreme conditions? 

Secop’s engineering team has conducted intensive development and testing activities to prove and optimize an innovative cooling unit - powered by a cascade of battery driven compressors optimized for medical applications. This is to achieve, maintain and guarantee with a proven reliable design ultra-low temperatures down to -86°C, the temperature range required for new generation mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines, even at ambient temperature of 43°C. 

The JDA with B Medical Systems is a significant step forward for Secop Group as both companies can bring together skill sets and technologies that will support the successful development of a truly breakthrough product that can support a sustainable cold chain evolution and contribute to improve storage and delivery of vaccines worldwide. 

 What is the purpose of the cooperation with Global Health Labs? 

For solar direct drive solutions Secop collaborates with Global Health Labs on the requirements definition and development of a new Solar Direct Drive controller. The new generation of controllers is tailored to the WHO PQS specifications and meets all demands for solar direct drive as well as wide range and unstable power grids and weak installations. It enables vaccine refrigerator manufacturers to satisfy latest voltage stabilization requirements. The new controller is paired with the new BD Nano-Series Compressors, to combine all the new features of the AC/DC controller with the new generation of mobile cooling compressor.

 How important is the WHO certification? 

Our compressor and control electronic solutions are already used in different applications which are officially certified by WHO (World Health Organization) to support global access to vaccines. Our stationary and mobile solutions make us a reliable certified partner for leading companies supporting the development of a global ULT (ultra-low temperature) supply chain.

 What is Secop strategy for medical and future developments? 

We aim to develop even more the range of integrated cooling solutions, using the new generation of  electronic controlled compressors and new developments for modular controls. We intend to exploit more the capabilities we have in Secop to integrate efficient solutions inside cooling units, working in cooperation with our partners to engineer solutions able to sustain the development of medical cold chain, using green refrigerants and low energy consumption sustainable solutions. 

In addition, we aim to offer refrigeration solutions able to support the cold chain development also in remote areas where tropical conditions and lack of grid connections require specific technologies, and Secop is leader in managing these technologies. So, we strongly believe in the possibilities for Secop to contribute increasingly to the development of an efficient and reliable infrastructure for medical cold chain, using years of experience in developing compressors and cooling units to support our partners in optimizing the new generation of green and efficient medical cabinets. 

About Secop 

Secop is the expert in advanced hermetic compressor technologies and cooling solutions for commercial refrigeration. Secop creates and supports high-performance static and mobile cooling solutions for leading commercial refrigeration businesses around the world. The Secop Group designs and manufactures hermetic compressors and electronic controls for refrigeration solutions in three major business segments: Stationary Cooling, Mobile Cooling and Medical Cold Chain. Secop’s “Stationary Cooling” business segment (AC supply compressors for static applications) provides compressors for light commercial applications in food retail, food service, merchandisers, special applications, as well as selected residential applications. Secop’s “Mobile Cooling” business segment (Battery-Driven DC supply for mobile applications) is the global leader in high-performance hermetic DC compressors for automotive, trucks, recreation vehicles, portable boxes, and other mobile applications. Secop’s “Medical Cooling” business segment develops cooling solutions for storage and transportation in medical cold chain applications. 

The group has production sites in Slovakia and China and research centers in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, China and the USA. Secop has belonged to the ESSVP IV fund since September 2019, advised by Orlando Management AG, a leading investor in industrial businesses. For more information, visit

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