Innovative Plumbing & Altering Australian Homes

So, you are in a pinch. While waiting for the plumber, you run out of hot water again! You cannot stand to live like this anymore. Every time you take a shower, your sink drains slower than usual. You have got to do something about it now!
Pass me the plunger and let us get started.
I am here to tell you that you need not be stressed while trying to fix your plumbing issues when you have options available right in front of you.
Here we will go over some Australian plumbing home solutions that will help make hot water flow again without breaking any bank accounts. And before we get into the nitty-gritty details, I want to assure you that there is no need to panic. You may want to seek help from the best plumber in Adelaide. Everything will be fine if you can fetch someone with expertise. 

Innovative Australian Plumbing Home Solutions

A cut above your typical plumbing service provider, a few service providers claim to be innovative and always strive to offer the most complete, customized solutions for your home. Add this: You might want to pay extra attention when you're looking to buy real estate in Adelaide.
You can run a Google search about these services that provide care in ensuring that every customer gets satisfied with their services. These plumbers have reviews as the best in their field across Australia.

Heat, Plumbing, and Cooling System Maintenance

The Australian summer is notorious for being unbearably hot. You cannot open a window without risking an inviting breeze that will turn into a vicious hailstorm or propel you to the top of your building's wall. 
The same applies if you try to use your heat pump, which is supposed to keep your home cool in the summer, by pumping cool air through ducts throughout your home. The thermometer attached to the heat pump always reads over 90 degrees Fahrenheit after every hour of use, and it may read over 100 degrees Fahrenheit once per day!
The heat pump has several issues, such as:

  • It pumps too much air through the unit
  • It needs regular maintenance
  • It loses a lot of water during the winter months and needs service

That is why it is essential to check the air filter regularly. Getting clogged filters contributes significantly to this problem, and cleaning these helps prevent clogging and keeps them fresh for a long time. 
Choose one that is easy to access and replace when needed, like under a sink cabinet, and ensure it is clean enough before replacing it with another one. If you get stuck on whether or not you should wash these on occasion or replace them entirely, consider asking a professional service technician who will determine what works best for your situation.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

One of the areas where Australia has a distinct advantage over other countries is HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). It is because ducted systems are more efficient than the standard window unit. Australian homes have ducted heating and cooling if they do not have air conditioning.
Ducted systems are more expensive upfront, but they are often less costly every month. Ducts get installed through an entire house or building, distributing heat or cooling to each room as needed. A thermostat regulates the temperature of each room based on the needs of its residents. 

Efficient Gas Ducted Heating Systems

If you are having trouble deciding between a forced-air system or a radiant heating system for your home, consider looking into a gas ducted heating system. These systems are installed in homes all over Australia and are an economical, environmentally friendly way to make the most of your natural gas supply. 
If you use natural gas for your home's heat, it requires the use of ventilation ducts that can run around the inside of your walls, under your carpeting, or through parts of your attic. 
As the air from these ducts is pulled into the furnace and distributed throughout the house by fans, room vents let out hot air to warm up every room in your house quickly and efficiently. The ventilation fan can be set on a timer to turn off when no one is home to save more energy.

Split System Air Conditioning Solutions

In a nutshell, a split ac is a two-part device that cools your home in two ways by 

  • Using the air outside as a natural means to cool the indoor air
  • Extracting the hot air from inside your home via refrigerant lines

As the refrigerant lines get cooled with the outside air, they then circulate coldness throughout your house. It is eco-friendly and energy-efficient!
Why use it?
This type of cooling solution has many benefits over other types of units. For example, you do not have to buy or rent out an expensive unit to cool one room or section of your house; instead, you can install these systems for every room or several rooms at once. 
You also save money because these systems cost less than standard AC units when considering initial costs and operating costs over time. Not only that, but they are easy to install yourself, and all you need is some essential tools. Lastly, they are portable.

Flushing the Toilet and Other Annoying Leaks

We will focus on the flapper valve, one of the most common causes of toilet leaks. Over time and with repeated use, a flapper valve will lose its ability to hold water in the tank. The resulting leak can create problems that range from annoying to downright catastrophic.
Flapper valves are responsible for two main functions: holding water in the tank and sealing off access to the bowl when not in use. If one of these two processes isn't working correctly, water will drip into your toilet bowl while it's not being flushed or used. The problem might be with your flapper valve (or "float"), a rubber flap inside your tank which moves up and down as you flush or fill your toilet with water.


As you can see, opting for the right plumbing solution can help ease your worries in the days ahead. You can rest assured that you will face lesser issues once you have a proper solution.

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