Innovative new spring designs

Whenever you think of springs, you probably think about the things that go inside pogo sticks or the newest wave of slinky toys. However, there are plenty of industrial grade springs that are also being created for countless items in the workplace and in the factories. However, for the most part, these industrial springs tend to go unnoticed and that’s where this article comes in because we want to shed some light on both what industrial springs can do, and also where they are going in the future.

There’s a whole wave of new spring designs that are bouncing into the future and into the workplace world, and this article is going to highlight some of the best new spring designs. But first, what are industrial springs?

The Three Types Of Industrial Springs

These three types of springs can be found in door closing mechanisms, to rotary unions and they each have a part to play inside the many machines of industry. First, there are compression springs that shorten and store energy when pressure is applied to them, and whenever the spring tries to get back to its original length, it pushes back against the load causing the pressure.

Extension springs are springs that resist the forces that attempt to pull them apart, and when the string is pulled and lengthened it attempts to bend back to its normal shape. You can tell these springs by the hooks that are attached to the ends so they can hold items together via the force they are exerting.

Finally, Torsion springs are designed to resist being twisted and turned by forces, and the arms of the torsion spring connect to the components and provide the force that the spring needs to resist. You can find the best example of a torsion spring inside a humble clothespin.

These three springs are springs that have been around for a while and are used in everyday items as well as industrial machinery. However, just because these three springs are used a lot, doesn’t mean that the spring world isn’t continuing to bounce forward with some new springs in its step!

Wave Springs

The brand-new wave springs are designed to replace the ordinary coil compression spring. They are designed to offer the same compression resistance and energy storage as the normal compression spring, but also have more waves built into them. This means they can have the same effect at half the height, which makes them perfect for saving space and perfect for machines that have very tight spaces.

As the world of modern technology gets smaller and smaller, there becomes a need for a lighter and smaller spring that still can do the job of a much bigger spring. That’s where the wave spring comes in, because it can not only be made as small as it is needed to fit in the machine, but it can also create the perfect load where and when you need it.

Benefits Of Wave Springs

Wave springs also are very versatile and can be used across many different machines and for many different needs. They can be used in various different diameters and can be used in humble everyday materials like coffee makers, to massive industrial machines like an oil tanker, or even a space station!

Finally, wave springs can be made from all sorts of materials. From materials like carbon steel to more exotic materials, you can find the wave spring that works for you. Many manufacturers know that while carbon and stainless-steel springs can be very important for most applications, some applications need stronger materials with special properties in their springs. Wave strings can be tailored to meet the needs of the client, and that’s one of the many things that makes them so important to the next wave of the future.

Different Wave Spring Shapes

Wave springs don’t come in just a coil form, but they also come in various other shapes as well. For example, nested wave springs are flat wire wave springs with multiple turns, and they create higher forces with each turn. Now you can replace the stacks of single turn wave springs, and once again go for a much smaller and more effective solution when single turns just can’t take the load.

So, if you find that you need your springs to be much smaller without losing their effectiveness, then you need to reach out to the future and see if wave springs will be perfect for your industrial needs.


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