Important Things to Look Out for When Moving Home

When you’re looking to buy a new property, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your costs and stress minimized. This is often easier said than done when you’re in the middle of the turmoil – and thus it’s worth taking time to compose checklists. Let’s take a look at a few considerations for moving day.
Get it down in Writing
Don’t try to keep track of all of these moving parts in your head. Instead, write a big long list, and cross off entries as you go. That way, you’ll have a sense that everything is under control – even if the list seems really big and intimidating to begin with.
Think about upgrades
It might be that you’re planning to make changes to get your new house up to your requirements. Think ahead of time about when you’ll be making them. If you’re going to be installing a new boiler from City Plumbing, then doing so during summertime will tend to be a little less stressful.
Don’t leave anything behind
When you’re packing, it’s worth keeping an inventory of everything that’s supposed to be in each box. This applies especially to smaller and valuable items. Of course, it’s also worth having a box dedicated to the things that you’ll need right from minute one – like toilet roll, toothbrushes and a meal for your first night.
Shop Around for Removals
Getting several quotes from several different removal companies will help you to get the best possible deal. Since most movers quote by volume, decluttering prior to the move will help you to save. You might also consider hiring a van and doing the move yourself.
Get your driving license sorted
The address on your driving license will need to be changed, as will the address on your log book (that’s the V5C). The latter will ensure that your vehicle-based (rather than driver-based) reminders get sent out to you.
Change all of the other addresses
You’ll need to contact a whole host of organizations to tell them that you’ve moved. This includes your bank, your TV and phone provider, the electoral register, your doctor, your dentist, and any publications that you subscribe to. Make a big list and get it all done in an afternoon – you might find that it takes just a few hours to get in touch with everyone.
Get the Kids sorted
If you’re bringing children with you, then you can help them hit the ground running at the new school. Get their uniforms ordered and make sure that they’ve got the supplies they need.
Eat the food in the freezer
You don’t want to be transporting frozen food from one house to another. To minimize waste, therefore, its time to get through all of that stuff. Don’t buy any more of it during the few weeks before moving day.

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