How to Take Care of New Trees

Trees are in their most fragile state during the first few days after being planted. They require a certain level of care and upkeep to help grow into the strong and beautiful trees that they are. Property owners love trees because they offer a number of benefits that only they can provide. We all want a healthy and thriving tree in our yard, but we also need to do our part in keeping them in the best shape. We present you with some of the most vital yet simple tips to take care of new trees in the yard.
Watering Tips
Imagine a newborn baby that needs nutrition and proper care in his first days on earth. The same is true for newly-planted trees. They are under stress after being planted in their new location. New trees need to adapt to their new environment, including soil condition, lighting, and airflow. For this reason, they require extra time and attention to ensure they are adapting well. Be consistent with watering during the first few days of your tree. Proper watering gives the tree the right amount of oxygen and moisture it needs to thrive. Give your new tree enough water by hydrating it daily for the first two weeks. Be more generous to your tree during hot times of the year and water it more frequently.   Bill Watson with Sarah Tree Service Schaumburg (847-582-0763) recommends weekly waterings for a year to help establish a young tree’s root system.  Remember to take into account weekly rainfall when watering.
Mulch Tips
Many unaware homeowners make the grave mistake of mulching their new tree too much. Keep in mind that the secret to proper mulching is balance. Mulching the tree will help it lock moisture in. It is also good at keeping weeds away and regulate temperature around the soil. Place at least four inches of organic mulch at the trunk base without creating a mountain of mulch. Ensure proper air circulation by raking the mulch up to two inches from the trunk.
Pruning Tips
Do not prune your new tree until it's a year old. If you notice any minor damage or issues with its branches, you can deal with the problem immediately. However, be careful not to overdo it, or you may end up killing the tree. Over pruning can stunt the tree's growth and leave it defenseless against diseases and pests.
Fertilizing Tips
Feed your new tree fertilizer to give it its much-needed nutrients for better growth. Like with most tree care, do not over-fertilize your tree. If in case the soil in your backyard has insufficient minerals and nutrients your tree requires, the fertilizer will make up for it. Fertilizers that have low burn and slow-release potential are best to use for young trees.
Other Considerations 
On the unusual instance when a tree needs to be staked to keep it standing, make sure to get rid of it after 1 to 2 years. Failure in doing it can end up killing the tree.
Correct planting is the best way to establish and grow a healthy tree. However, care and maintenance are also vital to achieve this goal. Take the initiative and monitor the development of your tree to maintain its health and aesthetics. If you carefully consider the tips mentioned above, you are a step away from having beautiful, healthy trees.

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