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How to start and run a football club

How to start and run a football club

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Do you love football or just passionate about sports? Whichever the case, do you know that there is a profitable venture you can get into and succeed? It’s a football club.
Opting to start one is a great idea, especially if you follow the right steps such as those outlined here. Keep reading to know them and figure out where you can start.

What does it take to start a football club?

Some people may think it’s a complicated process. Others may see it as something that is not doable by an ordinary person. Regardless of the perception, starting one should not be a complicated thing for you.
You need to have the determination and drive that will keep you going when the process becomes challenging. Apart from that, there are these other steps that you can consider;

Find a suitable team name

A  new football team is like a child. As a parent, you need to find the right name for it. It’s the name that will give the team an identity. Similarly, you should find a  name that will live with the team, even in your absence. It should focus on uniting the team.
When coming up with a name, you should ensure that you don’t copy another team’s name nor slogan. If you do, you may face difficulties when registering your team.
Furthermore, your team may not have originality, thus ruining the team spirit. You need to consult other parties interested in helping you come up with a better name that will show your uniqueness.

Come up with the key objectives of the team

Your team objectives are your plans for the team. They can be either long term or short term but ensure you come up with concrete ones. If you start your team without coming up with the objectives, it may lack the fundamental principles that will guide it in its growth. It may face obstacles that may lead to its failure.
If you want the team to exist in the long run, you should ensure that you put objectives that the players and the team managers will work towards achieving. It’s only through them that your team will become competitive, especially if it joins a competitive league. You can consider pursuing an MBA in sports business to have more expertise on how to go about it.

Appoint the team executives

As the founder, you should be aware that once the team becomes active, you won’t manage all its operations alone. If you want to see your team grow to greater heights, you can get a team manager, team secretary and treasurer.
Through effective team leadership, you will have adequate time to concentrate on other things. The team manager will help you in ensuring that the team performs well in most of its field competitions.
The treasurer will help you in ensuring that the team’s books of accounts are in order. Having someone who keeps track of your teams’ spending will prevent you from falling into a financial crisis. Majority of the teams become bankrupt a few months or years after starting.

Get the right players on board

You could be asking how you can get the right players on board? It’s simple, once you have the club manager, they can help you do that. You get players for your local football academies.
Additionally, you can entice other people interested in joining your team. After that, you and your club manager can identify the right players to engage in the first team and those that can be substituted.

Proceed to register your team

Once you have selected the right players, your secretary will help you in putting their information in order. After that, you can proceed and register with your local football authority.
You will then receive a review which will guide you on how to start playing in the league. Before proceeding with registration, you should ensure that you have registered only eligible players. After that, you can begin preparing for your first game.

Source for  sponsorships

After the registration, you can pitch for companies and other potential investors. Through them, you will get the funds to run the club operations. A football club needs a good sum of money to purchase equipment and other essential aspects such as a team’s bus.
Many recognize football, be it men’s football or women football. If you opt to start a football team, you can be sure of the massive following within a short span. That is only possible if you organize your club well and ensure it performs as the fans expect.


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