How To Select The Right Trailer Decking Option?

A good trailer deck should be tight, sealed, and durable. There are several options out there. From Southern Yellow Pine to rough oak, you have several options out there. The following are trailer deck options you should consider.
Southern Yellow Pine
Common in most homes, the Southern Yellow Pine is affordable and highly versatile. Originating from North America, SYP is faster to grow, making it an ideal material for trailer decks. In particular, it grows 35 percent faster than other decking materials. The strength of SYP is impressive. Also, SYP can effectively absorb the treatment. The SYP comes with a cell structure that can absorb chemicals. Consequently, it's resistant to things like decay, rotting, etc. This makes it ideal for use in decking purposes.
The only issue with this material is the knots, wane, as well as warping. Apart from these defects, SYP is a good material for making a deck.
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Rough Oak
Another popular material for decking is the rough oak. Credited for its impressive strength, rough oak is ideal for use with material for tracked equipment like skid steer-based loaders, excavators, etc. To cut rough oak, you need a band saw. Less uniform, rough oak comes with superior protection. Oak is strong, dense, as well as heavy. Thus, if you are looking for a material that offers superior cell structure, think in terms oak.
Douglas Fir
One of the best things about Douglas Fir is that it comes with attributes that are not available with the SYP. Featuring less wane and fewer knots than its SYP counterpart, Douglas Fir offers more stability. This is because its structure features a more stable fiber. This makes it an ideal material especially, where warping isn’t desired.
The only issue with Douglas Fir is that it doesn’t properly absorb materials. Consequently, the decking floor made from Douglas Fir is more prone to issues like rot, decay, etc. Also, the growth rate of Douglas Fir is slower. That’s why it’s a more costly option when it comes to decking items.
Steel Decking
Steel is strong. According to experts, steel ranks top as far as common alloys are concerned. Also, it's durable and available, making it an ideal option for decking manufacturing. Stronger than its aluminum counterpart, steel comes with a superior modulus of elasticity. Thus, bending steel isn’t easy. This makes it a good option for constructing decking floors.
The biggest downside of steel is that it's prone to rust. Thus, you will need to repair it from time to time. You should touch up all paint scratches. Still more, you must carry out regular oxidation to minimize rusting.
Additional Decking Options
Apart from the above materials, you can also try other decking options. Here are additional decking options you should try:

  • Aluminum
  • Rubber
  • Blackwood Lumber

The Bottom-Line
Trailer decks are important flooring elements. When done right, they can transform any space. That’s why getting everything right is key. In particular, you should purchase the right trailer deck. The above materials represent popular trailer deck options worth considering. 

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